A Total Music Experience: Lessons, Rehearsal, Performance.

David’s Music House is a one-stop shop “music center of learning” for all ages, providing an “environment of inspiration”.

A key aspect of David’s Music House is to become well known in the community for families and musicians to share their love of music and the arts.

Our mission is to inspire and encourage students to have the confidence to continue developing their “gift” throughout their life, whether for personal or professional reasons.

David’s Music House will plan special events to promote the community’s passion and involvement of music and the arts as a valued benefit to the youth and educational system, with proceeds being donated to charities.

It is our mission to not only teach how to play or sing music, but to know “WHY” you have begun this music journey! I call our music teachers, “Music Mentors” as they live the passion of “The lesson room is only the FIRST STEP” in the process of discovering this almost magical and emotional thing that we humans do to express ourselves, communicate and make the world a better place.

David W. Lindberg – President of David’s Music House, Inc.