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Seven years ago, David’s Music House opened it’s door on the 10th day of the 10th month of the 10th year of the new century. Yep…it was 10.10.10 October, 10, 2010. If that wasn’t a sign of “meant to be”, then how about a shy, quiet, person who never took a risk in his life…leaving a secure job of 22 years, at the time of our country’s worst depression since the “Great Depression” of the 20th Century, beginning to plan the very first business he ever attempted, financed solely on his own, with his own life’s savings, but starting this new small business in the county’s worst economic times of our lives. What was I thinking??? Frankly, I wasn’t thinking of risk or failure at all! I was moving on a inner voice and drive and purpose that I really had no idea where it was coming from, nor how I was able to do something that was unlike my behavior ever!

This same drive within me that started when I was 40 years old, is still the dominant force that is continuing the growth and steady success of David’s Music House as we hit our 7th year Anniversary. There are so many reasons for this growth and success, which I have spoken and written about often but the single underlying purpose of a personal passion to do what I call “fix something that has always be the center of my emotional passage through life – Why can’t people just be kind to each other?” I have been bewildered since my earliest memories of why a human being, upon meeting another human, feels a need to hurt, hit, curse or take something away from them. I truly can not stop being affected by this, to this day, every minute of every day! It astounds me that at the very least, simply not interacting at all would even be a better social behavior than a negative, purposeful confrontation. This question of human behavior that continues to puzzle me is the single purpose of everything we do at David’s Music House. We use Music, which is the only communication tool that connects directly to the core of people’s emotions, bypassing language, nationalities and even visibly different appearances of each other. We know we can use Music to connect to each other, and then Mentor students, families and community by showing our examples of good behaviors.

I take this passion very seriously. DMH Teachers are not just teachers. I insist that they are trained, coached and reminded to Mentor students by setting examples of not just how to play and instrument or sing, but how to perform with others, how to care for your instrument, how to be responsible by practicing your instrument to realize success through performance to an audience, and love of hearing how your music makes yourself feel good. DMH Music Mentors must realize that students emulate and watch not only how they perform but how they behave, interact and support others. Students watch their Mentors all the time. This is why I continue to say that “The Lesson Room is only the FIRST STEP” in what we do at DMH. DMH strives to insure the atmosphere and surroundings within DMH provide a comfortable, safe and nurturing environment with a single message – We do everything we can do promote love of music and support of others through our use of music, toward Kindness, Support, Happiness, Peace and Love.

So, for whatever reason, this drive that has been a dominate force within myself to “fix” what makes people be unkind, keeps me on this path, keeps me focused or brings me back to focus whenever the hard tasks of running a growing small business wears on me. I have no choice but to keep doing what I am doing, guided mostly by my gut or inner voice that drives me to overcome obstacles, find new innovations, improve processes and keep everyone who is a part of the DMH Team on track to keep inspiring and mentoring students to discover “WHY” they began this musical journey and why it’s so rewarding and important for all of us to do   everything we can do make our world kinder, smarter, supportive of others and promote Peace and Love…through the magic that is “The Power of Music”.

Peace & Love,


Why Do I Have To Come To Music Lessons Every Week?

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If you find yourself, as a student, or a parent of a student saying this…there is a problem! The Good News is…DMH is here to help!

David’s Music House was born out of a yearning to help people discover the value of music and provide the mentors to lead students on that path. I was inspired by a deep desire to find a way to insure students who are beginning to learn to play an instrument, realize why they need to continue learning. Too often music lessons alone will frustrate and bore students who end up wanting to quit at some point. We have all heard many people say how they wished they had kept up their music lessons as they wished they could play an instrument. What is missing in music education is the “Inspiration” to make the learning experience exciting and provide a reason for the continued lessons.

There are many music teachers who are musicians looking to earn extra money so they find a way to give lessons. This is not to say they don’t care about their students, but often the structure is not there to support the teacher to do everything they can to take that student to their highest potential, before the student ends up losing interest and quitting.

David’s Music House provides that structure….just as a House or Home does, where everything in the house serves a single overall purpose. We each live in a house that provides everything we need to live and learn along the path of life. The house provides shelter, warmth, food, clothing, protection and we learn how to grow and become the persons we are “inspired” to be from the mentoring others in the house provide.

David’s Music House is a House of Music and everything in it exists to teach and provide the “inspiration” for its members to grow in that same way, to be all they desire to be, in music and the arts. Our parents, in our house, are the teachers and mentors. This is THE REASON your choice to become part of our David’s Music House Family will provide the best possible outcome and the development of your child or, in the case of older students, your own music skills! DMH Teachers are not here to give a lesson and send you on your way. I continue to use the word, “Mentor” when I talk about DMH teachers because that is THE ONLY type of teacher we have.

A student’s musical journey at David’s Music House begins in the lesson room, but you will also learn:

How to perform to an audience.

How to keep an audience entertained.

How to perform with and support other musicians.

To understand that the sound of the whole group is more important than each individual performer.

To become experienced on stage by performing many times on stage.

How to take care of and respect your instrument.

How to love ALL types of music, thus learning to be open minded.

How to be proud of your ability and yet humble enough to support others.

How to be organized, practice daily and make sure arriving at your lesson, on time and prepared teaches responsibility, organizational skills and continuously performing better.

WHY you love music and performing it.

Another part of this effort is consistency. To gain the full potential of what any student can achieve, they need to make a commitment to learn, practice and come to each and every lesson. As with any effort, only consistency and continual practice will enable growth and success.

Muscle Growth from constant training

Muscle Loss from lack of training

If someone wants to build body muscle, that muscle growth cannot happen when exercising that muscle occurs randomly, with periods of no training. In this case, you must rebuild muscle tissue from what was lost during the time of no exercise. Someone would likely see this as failure, which leads to giving up and quitting.


Two things show us achievement…1.) remembering the purpose or goal and 2.) never stopping growth to achieve that goal.

When students often miss lessons or take long breaks, they must begin rebuilding what was lost, thus they don’t see themselves getting better and cannot be inspired to continue.

David’s Music House is here for the entire journey of development of anyone, of any age, to ensure that students are not only taught how to play, but WHY and then are asked…”How far do you want to go”? Then as Mentors, our teachers set examples of discipline, practicing, arriving at lesson time and most of all….having FUN!

When you join the DMH Family, we will do everything we can to provide the very BEST “Total Music Experience”.

I want to thank each of you for coming to David’s Music House and for your continual support by spreading the word to the community of what we are doing here.

Peace and Love,



One Team – One Purpose

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david on stageThis article is a letter to our current DMH student families, as well as the surrounding communities of David’s Music House. As a life long musician and parent, I wanted to create a business that would serve a purpose of making the world a bit better, less arrogant, less combative, less judgmental, more friendly, more kind, more supportive of one another. This has been an underlying mission of my entire life as I questioned others’ intolerance and judgmental indifference.

The environment at DMH is completely unique in that everyone’s focus is totally on the needs of the students and the parents’ goals. As creator and owner of David’s Music House, I am keenly aware that often issues can arise, such as a young student wanting the same gender for a teacher, or perhaps a parent may want a teacher who has a firmer approach to insure their child follows and learns discipline. Other parents may only want the experience to be fun, and may feel that strictness will destroy the desire to learn. I understand these parental desires and that is why I require teachers do a blend of firm and formal learning, but also make it FUN. The world loses when a child wants to stop learning music.

Students who come to DMH do not belong to any one teacher. We only have teachers at David’s Music House who act as ONE TEAM, with the sole purpose of insuring the student is always inspired and WANTS to continue learning. Every teacher at David’s Music House is trained to look for “disinterested” signs from students. Actions are taken such as introducing the student to a completely different instrument and teacher, have them observe and maybe even make a connection that may lead to a duo, trio or ensemble performance experience or even suggest the student switch to another teacher. We all know that the student-teacher bond is a strong connection of trust and mutual admiration. This does not mean that every teacher is the best match for every student. This is why, at David’s Music House, every teacher is advised from the first day they join our DMH Family, that the student does not belong to any single teacher. Teachers at David’s Music House are in harmony with ONE GOAL …… to meet the needs of every single student and parent!

I speak to parents often about the fact that we are here for your child to explore music and all of our teachers are here for you. I encourage parents come forward if you are interested in switching to another instrument if they, or their child, tells them they want to do so. We will accommodate and arrange for a meeting between your current teacher and another to discuss the transition to a new teacher and experience. NO PARENT OR STUDENT who comes to David’s Music House should EVER feel that they cannot ask to try a new instrument or different teacher.


Please feel free to email me anytime for any reason at or to As always…..I thank each and every one of you for your continued Love and Support of what we are doing.

Peace & Love,


Want the Secret of Success?

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Three key ingredients – Yep, that’s the big secret to success, so simple and yet so not followed. So many approach success as what’s the popular thing…what will yield the most return on investment… The secret comes from inside YOU and what has life taught you and what frustrates you that you want to fix…? Here are my 3 ingredients:

1) The idea of what DMH continuously strives to do comes directly from about 60 years of my personal life experiences. Every facet of David’s Music House is created and driven by the voice inside of me and that makes the business have no direct competition. No one else can possibly have had the experiences I have over the last 65 years.

2) Never, never, never, never, never…infinity + NEVER….QUIT. I know if I ever stop, that will be just a few inches short of succeeding beyond my wildest dreams. Every single world changing idea, invention or service created only came about to all of our awareness because the originator continued until it happened.

3.)There is one more key ingredient, which I strongly believe in, more so now in my life than ever before…that is the knowledge that I have discovered why God created me and why every good and terrible experience I’ve ever gone through happened to me. Every step, from my earliest childhood, to the moment I am typing this right now has allowed me to be exactly who I am and where I am and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve experienced, over the last 7 years, digging into some of my retirement money and even hitting a couple of solid walls of not knowing how I would pay for the next month, but every time, God has provided a way, through sources I would have never imagined! I have never been very religious, but at this stage in my life, I am 100% aware that all the years I thought my life was nothing of any significance, there were just far too many times and events that could have turned my life the wrong way or even ended it. This has solidified my faith in the simple fact that God has taken care of me. I won’t go further into this subject here except to say that these “facts or ingredients” provide such a sense of accomplishment and happiness to my life. I also know there is so much more to come…because I hear it and feel it from my inner voice every day.

Want to succeed and be happy? Look at your life and all the events in it that you experienced and then ask yourself, in your most quiet moments…What am I here for? You will find your answer….BUT…you may not realize it until you have had enough life experiences in order for this to be revealed to you.

As aways, I thank everyone for finding and supporting David’s Music House and what we do.

“It is our mission to not only teach how to play an instrument or sing, but to help students discover “WHY” they have begun this music journey! I call our music teachers, “Music Mentors” as they live the passion of “The lesson room is only the FIRST STEP” in the process of discovering this almost magical and emotional thing that we humans do to express ourselves, communicate and make the world a better place.” – David


Peace and Love,




“There’s no crying in baseball!” – Tom Hanks – “League of Their Own”

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 In the popular Tom Hanks movie, “A League of Their Own”, Hanks portrays the manager of a women’s baseball team created during World War II who tries to treat the women players with the same hard knock methods as he would with a men’s team. When a player becomes upset at him yelling at her and begins to cry, Hanks says the popular quote from the movie, “There’s no crying in baseball”! I use this as an example to illustrate how I talk about the subject of “taking the summer off from taking music lessons”. To this I say…. “There’s no stopping in music!”

I consistently speak to this issue to all parents and students. This is a subject near and dear to the CORE Mission of David’s Music House. Ever hear the quotation, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?…Practice, Practice, Practice”? Becoming the best you can be at any skill only comes from consistent learning, practice and experience. When the academic school year ends, this is the BEST time to continue or begin taking private music lessons, as there is actually less personal time restrictions for families. You’ll be that much ahead of the game when you go back to school and music activities the next year.

Exercising, weightlifting, running, losing weight, and basically any endeavor where the goal is to improve and be as good as you can be, can only be achieved by consistent and continuous pursuit of all the aspects that will lead you to that accomplishment. Music is a skill that one can only improve by adhering to a schedule of continuous experience. As with any skill, any extended or repetitive length of time not spent on that effort, whether it’s a physical sport or playing an instrument or singing, will cause physical changes to occur, such as fingertips getting soft again if playing guitar, or muscle strength in the hands and fingers that develop playing the piano or the vocal cords that grow and strengthen as one learns to sing. All the time spent on developing strengths and learned skills will diminish during long periods of non use and then will have to be relearned and strengthened all over again. Why would anyone want to take 5 steps forward, only to slide back to step 1 again?


We realize that Summer also means the opportunity for families to spend some much needed time together for some R&R, going on vacations or visiting distant relatives. To help our DMH Families to be able to continue their music learning and take time off for vacations, we have developed our NEW SUMMER PACKS PROGRAM. There are some excellent options for families to schedule and reserve lesson times on our schedule that will also guarantee not losing your usual lesson times. Call us at 724-941-9200, email or stop by and ask our receptionists all about the details and reserve your summer lessons right away!

It is the mission of David’s Music House to insure that everyone is immersed in any and all the ways that will offer a continuation of the pursuit of the love of music and the “WHY” they need to continue learning and experiencing playing, listening and sharing the Power of Music! We don’t only teach how to perform music….we help you KNOW WHY music is awesome. Our music teachers are Music Mentors who collaborate and work together as a team for all our DMH students.

Thank you for your continued support and for spreading the word about the VALUE of David’s Music House to the community!

Peace & Love,




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In the month of May, the United States celebrates, Cinco De Mayo – May 5th. The date is observed to commemorate the Mexican Army’s unlikely victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. In the U.S. the date has become associated with the celebration of Mexican-American culture. To myself, it has become a unique milestone and memory…and a beginning!

It was May 5, 2008, 9 years ago, when I walked out of the corporate world that frustrated my creative mind and soul for 22 years and embarked on a journey that became David’s Music House, Inc. While it took 2 years, from that day of wondering what to do, to the opening day, October 10, 2010, David’s Music House has been the most rewarding career effort of my 65 years (so far).

I have been asked, what makes you think you can begin a business at your age, having never been a business owner before? It never takes longer than a second to say the answer. I couldn’t have been ready to do something like this, let alone succeed, until this age. I spent most of the first nearly 50 years of my life thinking I was not as smart, not as capable, or not as important as everyone else around me. I spent 12 years of my life in public schools just hiding or trying to not attract attention, for fear of all the bullies around me. It wasn’t until after I graduated from high school that I found the first thing I could feel proud of and that was playing music in a band, and then eventually, my singing voice, which allowed me to feel what it’s like to have someone who would have usually ignored me, now pay attention to me –  because of my performance in bands. Yet, somehow, when I wasn’t in the environment of music, I stepped back into the world of being inadequate and unseen.

During my years working the corporate world, I discovered a couple of things: 1.) Having a technical job had absolutely nothing to do with being creative and 2.) People behaved differently in that environment. Those who would normally have been friendly people, behaved as those they thought they would gain importance and promotions from. In other words, management ignored talents of some, to give monetary gain and power to those who “worshiped” them. The corporate world acts pretty much as the bland cubicles that reside within it…separate, detached and cruel to many, while ignoring ignorance of others and promoting such ignorance and lack of performance. Needless to say, I felt as worthless there as I did during my school years. Eventually, one’s efforts simply wither and die into thinking, “well, at least I have a decent job that helps provide for my family” and then go home to find your happiness and value. If it were not for my family and love of music, I am fairly certain that I would have never made it through the bouts of depression.

When I was nearing the time of being “blessed” with the opportunity to leave that corporate world, I joyfully chose it and that day in May, that celebrated holiday we know as Cinco De Mayo, was the beginning of a journey of awakening, the likes of which I had never known in all my previous years. I can vividly remember walking out of that building on that last day with a wave of emotional relief, like I was headed for the longest vacation I would ever take. This was in 2008, which we all know became our country’s biggest economic depression since the “Great Depression”. It was during this time in 2008, that I began to develop my idea for starting my business. I began talking to business owners and learning a lot. The most important discovery I made was that I began to reflect on all the things I had done in my life and instead of taking the insignificant aspects, I became aware of the huge, risky decisions I had taken and the drive that enabled me to do them. I was no longer the “silent, unimportant one”. I was a different person, and I knew that I could actually do ANYTHING I wanted to do…as long as I didn’t quit. Everything I ever did before failed because I quit. These failures actually taught me a lot, as failures always do. Mostly, they taught me what I never knew before…If I wanted to do anything, all I had to do was NEVER, NEVER, NEVER stop moving toward that goal, but ONLY if it was a true, deep passion that I believed in.

As anyone who knows me, well knows, I am not very good at remembering dates. I try my best to keep our wedding anniversary (also inside my ring), the birthdates of my wife and my two daughters and of course my birthday, but that’s all I claim to be able to remember, with one other exception… Cinco De Mayo, especially May 5, 2008…

Oh yeah…just one more date, the opening of David’s Music House, 10.10.10, October, 10, 2010. All of the 65 years of my life have been a step by step journey of preparation, leading to David’s Music House and my discovery of WHY I exist. There will be more to come on that subject, in future David’s Blog articles. What I can say is, that same passion and drive will reveal more of what I now know – “I can do ANYTHING I am passionately driven about…as long as I don’t quit”… and when it comes to this subject…there is no quitting.

Thank you as always for loving music, coming to DMH and spreading the word about what we do.

Love and Peace,