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SIGN UP – DEC 9 – JAN 31


Live Music

Quite a long while ago

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Live Performances

Many great artists have performed and/or recorded at da’ House – check them out below!


Rachel Philipp

The 632 Band
After Z
Vicky Andreis
Brooke Annibale
Maddie Arnold
Judith Avers
Backroads Bluegrass
Bradley James Bendis
Boilermaker Jazz Band
Bryan Cole
Maddie Georgi
The Hobbs Sisters
Maura Jensen
Heather Kropf

Boilermaker Jazz Band

Boilermaker Jazz Band

The Majors
Nancy McKeen & the Bluz Machine

Andrew McKnight
Sean O’Donnell
Brian Price
Anthony Rankin
Dana & Sue Robinson

Alicia Romano

Roundhand Rowan

Tyler Stacy
The Streetlights (Doo Wop Music)
Jordan Umbach
David Wilson
Rick Witkowski

Vanessa Campagn
Jenn Bostic

Tiffany Thompson

Shannon and the Merger

Shannon and the Merger

Joy Ike

Minor Variation
Ian Ethan Case
Todd Burge

Hillary Reynolds Band
Black Horse
Josh and Gab

Shannon and the Merger
Noel Mcleary
Kurt Scobie
Junction PA
The Weathered Road

Half a year in and I’m enjoying the ride of my life!

Quite a long while ago


We have reached the one half year mark and at David’s Music House, are proud to have started this journey and excited to hear a community ‘buzz’ spreading about our “Total Music Experience.” My wish is that David’s Music House becomes “the” gathering place for the community, to share their love of music and the arts and where people find comfort and happiness!

As I watch new and familiar faces of people who come to listen or perform on our weekly Open Mic Nights and music lovers who enjoy our mid-week and Friday Night Concerts at David’s Music House, I am beginning to realize the answer to that phrase we were often asked when we were young, “what do you want to do when you grow up?” I am finally doing it!

As our world is filled with turmoil, tough economic times, increased work loads and stress levels, I am encouraged to see David’s Music House become one small nook in our community where people can escape to a love of music by sitting around in our “Big Living Room” and listen to and applaud the youngest beginning performer, to a seasoned professional.  Everyone at DMH not only comes to play the music they love, but also to listen, applaud and to cheer for all the other performers.  This is a House of support, friendship and inspiration. David’s Music House will always be a “Family Friendly” gathering place for anyone who comes to play, but more importantly, comes to listen to others. This is why we have performers of any age or ability play on the same night, to provide that “Experience of Inspiration”.  When a young talent has an opportunity to hear someone older perform, they are inspired.  That inspiration is only increased when the “experienced performer” listens to and applauds the young one.  We hear comments from people who come such as, “I have always wanted to experience how it feels to perform for others.” or “I used to play years ago and sometimes play in my house, but never thought I would play on a stage in front of others, until I discovered David’s Music House”.

Don’t forget to check the Calendar page for the amazing performers coming soon. Also click on the Recording Studio link for the latest discounts and deals!  We are your affordable, local and relaxing solution for any recording project, whether it be original songs your have written, or just want to see what it’s like to experience being in a recording studio at an affordable price.  We guarantee you will be satisfied and enjoy the entire experience, especially when you hear yourself professionally recorded.

If you are a Junior or Senior in High School intending on pursuing music at a college or university and in need of a quick demo of your performance, we can help you with your demo recording at reasonable prices.

Give us a call and come in for a tour of our State of the Art, Apple Logic Digital Studio.

We also have “Gift Certificates” available for purchase at our store or on-line on our website.  Buy one today for a unique gift for family and friends!



Why should you come to David’s Music House Recording Studio?

Quite a long while ago

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As a musician for over 40 years in the Pittsburgh area, I have lived through the changes that technology has brought to music.  It has been 5 decades since The Beatles made teenagers realize that they can start a band and possibly become famous playing music. During those early years, if a band wrote their own music, they had to save up a LOT of money and go to an expensive recording studio to make a professional demo recording.  A lot of musicians traveled to either the East or West Coast and lived as a starving artist in hopes of getting some big record company to at least listen to them, let alone wanting to record them.  Most likely, they would end up being taken for a ride and losing all their money and dreams.  The other option was to send demos to record labels A&R departments, only to have them tossed in the garbage as unsolicited material.

Everything has changed today, where a kid can act silly in his room, record it, upload it to YouTube and end up appearing on the Tonight Show that same week. Technology has totally changed how the entertainment industry works and how an independent songwriter, without management, can become the next pop star. We see it every week on the news, when a talented performer becomes the next winner of America’s Got Talent or American Idol.  These are chances that didn’t exist ten years ago.

Although, the Internet and social networking has presented a much wider scope of how someone can become successful, it has also increased the amount of people who want to become famous, exponentially!  Any serious musician who wants to become successful, still needs to work hard at it, practice, practice, practice….perform, perform, perform….as much as your can and as often as you can.

A major part of this is recording your material and not just selling it, but using it to promote yourself, through social media and even giving away your CD’s at your performances and wherever you are.

David’s Music House wants to bring an affordable learning experience to anyone wanting to become an independent recording artist. Today’s technology does give the ability to easily record in your home, which can work to a degree for someone who’s YouTube video just happens to be seen by the right people.  But in most cases a musician needs to record their music in a professional studio. David’s Music House offers a middle ground to this for everyone.  We have a state of the art sound room, recording equipment, and microphones that are considerably better than your typical home system. Most importantly, we offer more affordable solutions than the larger Pittsburgh studios.  Our rates are reachable for most and because we are local to the South Hills, you can do your project in steps, by recording in a series of visits based on affordability.

We also offer a non-intimidating atmosphere, where you can relax, not worry about the clock ticking while you are setting up and tearing down, etc.  We want to help you realize your dream, learn the process of recording and be part of the project.  This is your music and your creativity.  While we offer our expertise of recording, production and mastering, we will not push you out of the way; we bring your creativity to the front of the project. We are here to make your music sound as good as it can, but you are the creator and director of what you want your music to sound like.  We will do everything possible to make you feel comfortable about this aspect.

In addition to making the recording process affordable, we run many different specials and discounts every month.  Keep looking for the deal of the month on our website.  Come in and visit the studio and see how we strive to make you feel comfortable so that your creativity is allowed to reach its true potential.  Come in and listen to some of our past and current artist projects and how our Apple Logic Studio can make your music sound it’s best!


My Story: How DMH Started

Quite a long while ago


David’s Music House actually started out in my father’s mind, Big Dave. My father passed away 21 years ago and was a car salesman most of his life, but he was always an innovator, before that word was used as much as it is today. When he was 17 and an avid hunter, he also learned how to do taxidermy, which is stuffing game animals for hunters, so they can mount them on display. Being the creative teenager, he went to the local hardware store where most of the area’s hunters purchased their supplies and asked if he could set up a fall, hunting scene in their front window, which they were all too happy to do. He was able to trade his work for supplies of his own and the store had an awesome window display for practically nothing. He filled it with leaves, branches and several animals he had stuffed.

Dad never stopped thinking out of the box and as they say, the acorn never falls far from the tree. I have always been thinking of ways to do things just a bit differently. Over the last 5 years, as I began seriously thinking of something I could do that would fulfill this need to be creative, I searched for some type of business venture. At the same time, I began seriously writing music that had been in my head for quite some time and began learning how to and recording my own music. (http://www.davidlindbergmusic.com) This fulfilled my needs to put my creativity into something physical but it also began my journey of creating my best idea yet, which was to start my own business, something that my Dad had wanted to do all of his life.

I knew it had to involve music, as that was my best talent and what I have done for over 40 years of my life. Gradually, over the last 2 years, the idea for David’s Music House formed, as did my confidence in continuing to do whatever it took to make this dream come true. The timing was exactly right in 2010, after losing my corporate job in 2008 and exploring how and what I needed to learn and experience to start my own business.

It has been an amazing journey and one of the most rewarding experiences of my life to see this dream realized. I see it every time during our Open Mic Nights, when I see a young 10 year old aspiring musician get on our Coffee House Stage after listening to a seasoned and experienced musician perform…all on the same night, in the same room.

Opening David’s Music House, making new friends and bringing the community together to realize that we can all share a common love for something during these very difficult times has made the whole “experience” a highlight of my life.