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DMH 2013 – 2014 Music Lesson Event Calendar 

“The music lesson is only the first step in what David’s Music House offers. We are more than teachers, we are mentors, here to guide through all the steps of the path that music can lead you on.” – David

“Music Learning the RIGHT WAY with just the perfect amount of Formality and Fun”

Learning all about the piano

Learning about note and chocolate coin values

Learning about instruments with strings

That’s what I’m talkin’ about!


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Meet Our Music Teachers

Amy Kelly Johnston jeffknell
Amy Melissen – Music Director
Guitar, Voice & Piano
Kelly Johnston
Music Therapist
Jeff Knell
Woodwind & Brass Teacher
CJYoung Heidi Adomshick Lauren Holmes
CJ Young
    Percussion, Piano & Guitar
Heidi Adomshick
Piano, Voice, Woodwind, Brass & Guitar
Lauren Holmes
 Voice, Violin, Viola & Piano
Al Cugini Alyssa Klaum
Allan Cugini
Woodwind & Brass
Derik Cruz
Piano, Voice, Guitar
Alyssa Klaum 
Piano, String & Voice 
 Brian Smith
          Beg to Adv Guitar             

Welcome to David’s Music House Music Program! Click here for more information on our Music Teachers. Email our Music Director, Amy at amy@davidsmusichouse.com for any questions about our music program or email our receptionist at dmh@davidsmusichouse.com

We want to thank you for showing interest in supporting music and arts and acknowledging the importance in your or your child’s development by bringing music and the arts into your lives!  We welcome the opportunity to have a helping hand in that development.

There is proven data that shows how important the arts are to the development and overall intelligence and character of our youth.  Unfortunately, during our current times, many private and public programs are realizing funding cuts.

David’s Music House has been designed for the specific purpose of promoting and sharing this support for music and the arts. It is our mission to bring lovers of the arts to a “family friendly” venue where everyone can leave the stresses of the outside world and come to an environment where the love of the arts can be shared and enjoyed.  This is why we have all the resources one needs to learn, perform, be inspired by nationally and Pittsburgh area professional performers, record and learn the skills of marketing and promoting yourself as an independent musician. This is all within an environment where you can feel free to bring your entire family, to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere while you wait for your student’s lesson to finish in our Music Coffee House. Occasionally, you may happen upon an evening of impromptu musical performances.

We also encourage our students and their families to come to our Concert Performances.  This is a local neighborhood opportunity to bring the family, but especially the student to be inspired in a way that money cannot buy.  To see, close up, seasoned professional performances that will make your student want to practice harder than ever!  Where else can you go for music lessons where you can find that “real inspiration?”  Our weekly Open Mic Nights also provide a real world performance experience for your development.  There is no better way to develop your craft than by playing before an audience, especially a supportive and “listening” audience.

Thank you again for choosing David’s Music House for your learning center and for your support by spreading the word about us and coming to our Concerts and our Open Mic Nights. Be sure to ask David for a tour of our Recording Studio sometime!

Stop in to David’s Music House or call to register today!

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