Want the Secret of Success?

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Three key ingredients – Yep, that’s the big secret to success, so simple and yet so not followed. So many approach success as what’s the popular thing…what will yield the most return on investment… The secret comes from inside YOU and what has life taught you and what frustrates you that you want to fix…? Here are my 3 ingredients:

1) The idea of what DMH continuously strives to do comes directly from about 60 years of my personal life experiences. Every facet of David’s Music House is created and driven by the voice inside of me and that makes the business have no direct competition. No one else can possibly have had the experiences I have over the last 65 years.

2) Never, never, never, never, never…infinity + NEVER….QUIT. I know if I ever stop, that will be just a few inches short of succeeding beyond my wildest dreams. Every single world changing idea, invention or service created only came about to all of our awareness because the originator continued until it happened.

3.)There is one more key ingredient, which I strongly believe in, more so now in my life than ever before…that is the knowledge that I have discovered why God created me and why every good and terrible experience I’ve ever gone through happened to me. Every step, from my earliest childhood, to the moment I am typing this right now has allowed me to be exactly who I am and where I am and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve experienced, over the last 7 years, digging into some of my retirement money and even hitting a couple of solid walls of not knowing how I would pay for the next month, but every time, God has provided a way, through sources I would have never imagined! I have never been very religious, but at this stage in my life, I am 100% aware that all the years I thought my life was nothing of any significance, there were just far too many times and events that could have turned my life the wrong way or even ended it. This has solidified my faith in the simple fact that God has taken care of me. I won’t go further into this subject here except to say that these “facts or ingredients” provide such a sense of accomplishment and happiness to my life. I also know there is so much more to come…because I hear it and feel it from my inner voice every day.

Want to succeed and be happy? Look at your life and all the events in it that you experienced and then ask yourself, in your most quiet moments…What am I here for? You will find your answer….BUT…you may not realize it until you have had enough life experiences in order for this to be revealed to you.

As aways, I thank everyone for finding and supporting David’s Music House and what we do.

“It is our mission to not only teach how to play an instrument or sing, but to help students discover “WHY” they have begun this music journey! I call our music teachers, “Music Mentors” as they live the passion of “The lesson room is only the FIRST STEP” in the process of discovering this almost magical and emotional thing that we humans do to express ourselves, communicate and make the world a better place.” – David


Peace and Love,




10.11.12 – “A Total Music Experience – The Future of Music Education”

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We celebrated our Second Anniversary yesterday on October 10, 2012 with some great friends. Today, we begin (or continue) our journey with the first day of our 3rd year of business. Quite coincidentally, (or is it?) this first day’s date is 10.11.12. Perhaps this is a sign, much as “Get ready, get set, one, two, three…. GO!!!” 🙂 Maybe this is a bit overkill on looking for signs, but there have been many along this journey.

When I was putting my dream and business plan into action of finding the space to rent and begin construction, the entire process was full of difficulties and possible obstructions, but I surged on to picking a date for a Grand Opening, which was October 10, 2010 – 10.10.10 – “a sign”! This also happened to be the only non-Steeler game Sunday in the Fall of 2010 and since I wanted to use the plaza parking lot for the grand opening for a large stage for live music and Sunday was the only day permitted by the plaza for such events… these were just too many “signs” to ignore!

As I said, there have been many more “special moments” that made continuing this journey possible…moments that were actual miracles in of themselves! So why wouldn’t I choose to think of 10.11.12 as one more “sign” that David’s Music House is supposed to be?

Along the lines of ideas that come to our minds from who knows where…. I had a thought expressed to me that David’s Music House is actually “The Future of Music Education”! This is what I have thought of since the seed of what I wanted to do began to grow. I wanted to create something that I felt was missing from music learning. I experience this first hand as my own two daughters, who were far more gifted than I with music abilities, but for whatever reasons, did not continue developing their gift. Here I was a long time, professional musician, who was in awe of his children’s music talents and could not find a way to get them to continue! This is something we all have heard from so many adults, “I used to play an instrument, but stopped when I was young. Oh, how I wished I had continued”! I strongly feel what is missing is “INSPIRATION”. Most musicians can tell you about a moment or a person who made them “know” they wanted to be a musician. I can vividly remember my moment, and it was years before I actually started taking lessons, but never the less, I remember a person who, quite by chance, I happened to see play a Hammond B3 organ, and who amazed me as if he were a magician rather than a musician! His hands moved over the keyboard in a blur that I thought, at the age of 13, was pure magic! The Hammond B3 was the main instrument that I eventually played as a professional musician for over many years!

These moments of inspiration are priceless and not to be missed. That is what David’s Music House offers that no other music education business does….to be inspired, mentored, excited, and soaked in all things music! David’s Music House teachers are not just teachers of music… they are mentors, who are here for anyone who wants, desires and needs some type of help, connection or just somewhere to come and share their love of music. Music is a power in this universe that mankind has known, used, loved and communicated with since our beginnings. Scientists and educators have been telling us about the power of music to the human mind in overall goodness. Music develops both the conscious and unconscious of our minds. It helps children develop and excel in all areas of learning and development. Music also has great power of promoting wellness, healing and touching our deepest emotions. This is what I most cherish about music – its effect on our human emotions, often when we don’t even realize it.

I created a business in a field that I have always loved and to enable myself to continue working as long as I wanted, but the product that was created was something much larger –  that is indeed missing and greatly needed…. “A Total Music Experience – The Future of Music Education”. It is my fondest dream to see that this endures and continues to help, teach, develop and inspire all who come.

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent”
― Victor Hugo

Thanks for your support and love! “Ready….Set….10.11.12……………GO!”


DMH is about more than teaching music… We are about Inspiration

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David’s Music House is a “family friendly” place for every one to enjoy and find a place to celebrate, learn, support and “experience” music and the arts. Our concerts have two purposes.

The first is to help musicians who are pursuing a music career and writing their own songs by providing a venue for them to promote their music to a new audience, based on providing a platform well known in the South Hills for being “family friendly”. This means they can market their music and talent to a family based, all ages, listening and purchasing audience.
The second purpose is to provide students of music, a venue where their families can enjoy doing something together and see these amazingly talented performers, who normally only perform in bars and alcohol related venues, but more importantly, to “Inspire” them to continue developing their own abilities as music students.

What separates David’s Music House from other places of music education is that our teachers strongly lead and encourage students to perform often on our coffee house stage and come to our “Concerts of Inspiration”.

This is what makes David’s Music House music education unique … “we teach and inspire”!

David’s Music House also is a one of a kind atmosphere to wait for your child while they take their lessons. Have you ever had negative or bad experiences at other places that provide music lessons? During the years my daughters were taking lessons, I recall many times that I waited in my car in driveways or on streets, sometimes drove around to kill time because there was no decent place to wait during a music lesson or uncomfortably sat in a make-shift waiting room in a basement with a family cat jumping on me!  Please feel free to comment to this article with your “waiting for my kid’s music lesson” story!  We would love to hear about it.

David’s Music House also provides a warm, friendly coffee house setting with lots of soft seating, FREE WiFi, ample FREE plaza parking, clean rest rooms, awesome coffees, teas, beverages and a wonderful selection of pastries and snacks. Occasionally, an impromptu musical performance will occur or anyone can enjoy relaxing music while working on their computer, read a good book or meet with your monthly support group or book club.

It is our passion to provide a “haven” for ALL to enjoy. At David’s Music House, it will ALWAYS be about “EVERYONE” and not just “ONE”. Allow me to explain. David’s Music House will always be a venue for anyone who loves music AND is supportive of others who also love music. This past weekend, our Saturday Open Mic Night featured some of our DMH music students, due to the effort of Amy Melissen, one of our amazing staff of teachers. Most seasoned open mic performers well know they would have loved to have such a place to play when they were younger. Beginners need and look for the support and encouragement from the older, more experienced performers. At our Open Mic Nights, our family of house regulars welcome young and beginning musicians to show their skills and often cheer them on, talk to them about their experiences and offer up performance tips.

Please come and enjoy “A Total Music Experience” at David’s Music House and bring the whole family for a fun and exciting night of music. Most of all, please come enjoy all that David’s Music House has to offer, from the music lessons you’ve wanted to try for years, to some afternoon quiet time with a good book, FREE WiFi, topped off with a hot cup of La Prima coffee and one of our amazingly tasty pastries.

Please continue to spread the word to all of your friends & family and plan your next Saturday night out, after dinner, enjoy your desert with an amazing night of music at David’s Music House!

Friday Night Concerts Inspire DMH Students

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Friday Nights mean Professional Performances at ‘da House. We bring in artists from all over the country to perform on our Coffee House Stage. We have had musicians from many states and even as far as Hawaii. We actually had one band scheduled who were coming from Ireland, but due to scheduling issues, they had to cancel…we almost went International!

These concerts are for two main reasons. One being to bring amazing professional talent to the community of South Hills in a venue where the whole family can come. Secondly, we want our students of the arts to be able to come and see performances that will “inspire” them to want to be better musicians and performers. There just aren’t any places where a family can go, for an inexpensive evening, and hear some of the most amazing musicians! “Between the ample FREE parking and easy to find location, you just can’t beat David’s Music House for a wonderful night’s entertainment, for a low cost, for the whole family.” – Customer testimonial.

Most recently, Vanessa Campagna, a national recording artist, who has performed with the Pittsburgh Symphony, Sugarland, Trace Atkins, and performed before thousands at Pittsburgh’s 2011 Light Up Night, and many large concert venues and malls during this holiday season. Vanessa is a perfect example of an area young musical talent discovering her dream and love of singing, and with the support and guidance of her family, is recording and co-writing songs with well known hit songwriters in Nashville. We plan on having Vanessa return in the future and give a performance workshop for our DMH students. Look for that in 2012!

Look to our DMH Event Calendar as we are beginning to book our 2012 concerts and our weekly Saturday Open Mic Night are continuing in the New Year.

Giving Thanks, That’s what this holiday is about!

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As the saying goes, “If it was easy, everyone would do it!” I say this a lot, ever since starting my business, David’s Music House, last October 2010. It has been one of the most difficult things I have ever done, and yet, I have never enjoyed doing work so much in my life! I often remind myself, when I get bogged down in bills, long hours and forgetting to do some important task, to “Stop and enjoy this moment, this hour, this day, before it’s gone”.

We all lead crazy, hectic lives, as our lifestyles seem to have exponentially become so complex and we all struggle to find ways of getting through these hard economic times. People not only are finding it hard to find jobs but companies are still laying people off and we all do our best to make ends meet. During our stress filled lives, we need to force ourselves to stop doing what we are doing and think about all the blessings we have and are enjoying right now, this moment, this hour and this day! Don’t miss an awesome moment of taking your children to music lessons because you’re in a hurry and have had a difficult day. Instead, enjoy that you are with them, right in that moment!

The media, retail and marketers have turned the end of each year into a blur of shopping, one giant combined holiday season and we are now hearing Christmas music the day after Halloween! Thanksgiving has turned into a pause to have a good meal and take a break from shopping for Christmas. Thanksgiving is not just some great food day in the middle of the holiday season from Halloween to New Year’s Day! This is a holiday that plainly states it’s meaning in the name itself. It is a time of stopping to give thanks for all we have and to be with the most important people in our lives….our family and friends.

I could easily think of this Thanksgiving Day as a very welcome break from working hours on end to make my business a success. I choose not to focus on that, although I do enjoy the day, the food and the rest. I have so much to be thankful for this year, from my health, to doing something I absolutely LOVE everyday, to being able to make the decisions I want without running it by a deaf corporate ear, and most of all, I will take time to think of all the amazing concerts, musicians, new friendships, long time friends who have helped me build and start this business and “Angels who are watching over me” and have helped me find ways to keep David’s Music House going for over a year now.

All of us at David’s Music House hope you all STOP and give special “Thanks” to all the blessings in your lives this Thanksgiving and take a break from all the worries and stress in your lives, to savor the day, with good time, family and friends. Please stay safe during your holiday travels as well.

We all give our heartfelt THANKS to all of YOU, who have told us how much you LOVE David’s Music House, spread the word about us and for all of your support and kind thoughts. We are here for YOU and to provide a place where you can get away from all the stress and enjoy the common bonds of our “Love of Music and the Arts!”

Happy Thanksgiving!


Recent Happenings at ‘da House

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Recent weeks have been very busy at DMH. A NEW music lesson program, back to every Saturday Open Mic Nights, Fall Concert planning, NEW recording artist projects and Special Deals! Whew….hetic, to say the least, but all good.

Our NEW Music Lesson Program has some great news! We have your favorite teachers and have brought 3 new instructors.

William Loughman began in October and for 45 years, has lived music, taught, recorded and collected fine guitars. His guitar solos range from jazz to pop to classical. Bill attended Berklee College of Music and studied with world-renowned artists. Bill also taught classical guitar at “St. Georges English School in Rome, Italy. Bill still has his long time lesson studio in Peters, but has offered to teach DMH students as well. Bill allows us to offer more days of lessons to accommodate our customer needs. Ryan Grisnik is our other excellent guitar instructor.

Kate Steratore began teaching beginning and advanced level piano lessons at DMH in October. Kate has been teaching piano for 30 years. She teaches the classical method and also offers beginning blues and jazz instruction. Kate has studied with Fern Faigen, Natalie Phillips, Ralph Zitterbart and Ron Bickle and has performed with the Pittsburgh Symphony. She was also a Pittsburgh Piano Teachers Association winner as well as a Young Artist Concert Society Award recipient. and has chosen to become part of the DMH family as well.

Our newest addition to the DMH instructors is Nicole Gasse who will be teaching vocal lessons. Nicole is a 2003 graduate of Peters Township High School and a 2007 graduate of Mercyhurst College.  She holds a degree in music education and opera performance.  While teaching voice lessons in her private studio, and music at Chartiers-Houston Jr./Sr. High School by day, she continues to pursue a career as a professional opera singer by night. Nicole also is a member of various musical productions in the Pittsburgh area. We are so excited to be able to offer advanced vocal instruction as well as beginning lessons.

DMH is constantly looking for music teachers to bring as many resources as we can to further our mission of providing all the resources you need to learn and become a musician. We bring learning, performance, recording and the arts of promotion and marketing yourself.

Over recent weeks, we have brought Andrew McKnight, Tyler Stacy, Alicia Romano, Brooke Annibale, Heather Kropf, Judith Avers and The Streelights Doo Wop group – quite an array of area musicians as we strive to support the music scene and bring in sensational music performances to the South Hills community in a family friendly venue.

Here are a few moments of some recent performances:

Alicia Romano, Brooke Annibale, Heather Kropf & Judith Avers

Tyler Stacy

Vicky Andreis