I’m Young Again!

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OK…most will not think that this is young, in fact, to tell the truth, when I say it, it shocks the heck out of me! I remember each time I heard on the news that a music legend, such as Paul McCartney or Rod Stewart turned 60, it always made me quickly realize that I’m right behind them. I was like 17 when they were slightly older than me and they were all my heroes of music! I’m still right behind them, but the fact remains, “You can’t stop the clock.”

My reflection on the decades I have gone through leaves me with awareness that aging provides memories of learning and growing as an individual.

I guess everything up to 21 seemed to all be the same….lots of things you were not allowed to do and you couldn’t wait to grow older, so you could make all your own decisions. Looking back, I would love to just be in the house and let someone else make all the hard decisions to keep food on the table and a roof over everyone’s heads!

So, you reach 21 and it seems like you have arrived, but you find you still can’t make all the decisions because you either don’t know what to do or you just keeping running into people who seem to still make most of your decisions.

Thirty becomes this very youthful feeling of some level of wisdom, as you have been working at some type of career, likely married and raising a family, but you find you begin wondering if you are making the right choices or could be making better choices than you have. Many times we feel as if we could have done better, if someone else, made us wiser, as we try to pass some blame on somewhere else.

Reaching 40 just makes you see the door opening that you are the responsible one now. Whatever is screwed up, you most likely caused it. Many also find this to be the age of reason, some call it a “change of life”, but the point is that you start thinking that you had better get serious about what is in the future for you and the people who look to you for all the answers.

The fifth decade of life starts to show both the realism that you may have wasted a lot of time and could have done better, but then, there’s a bit of wisdom in that you know you tried to do the best you could at the time. You start seriously looking into what the word “retirement” means and will you be able to do what you thought it meant when you saw your parents retire.

Another thing I have always chosen to do as I approached each new decade is look back and say that I have left living in the last years of that previous decade and I am now a “young” age in this new decade. You wonder as you enter what is typically thought of as retirement years, with some apprehension of what will it be for you, will your health start to fail or will you live so many years that the money will run out, if you have any by that time.

Well.. I have just entered my 6th decade of life and once again, it is a new beginning. I am doing something now that I thought I would have never been able to do, which is start this business… at 60??? What, am I crazy?

I actually only now, feel the level of confidence to do this, for the first time in my life. Whatever happens in this new decade, I have chosen to not just dream, but to take the leap of faith and live my dream, no matter what the consequences. I do not want to go through the rest of my life wondering if, should, or could I do what other people have done.

I’ll keep you all updated as to how it’s going.

So far, as the joke goes about the man who jumped off the top of a high building and was heard saying as he passed each floor on the way down…. “So Far…..So Good”!



September is here, Fall is coming, Band – LocaL starts concerts, Andrew McKnight returns, LOTS going on at ‘da House

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As we all realize that another summer of vacations and sunny weather, (yes, sunny in Pittsburgh, which is not a usual thing) has come to an end, but we look with great anticipation of the Fall. Fall in Western PA is such a wonderful, cooler, colorful, time of the year. All the colors of Fall speak of warm cozy gatherings of friends and what better place could you find than David’s Music House to enjoy some really great java and pumpkin cupcakes or our House Cookies.

We will be brining some of the best performances back from our first year and many new faces as well. The man who started our very first Friday Night Concert, Andrew McKnight (http://www.andrewmcknight.net/) will be coming back this September, actually for a Saturday Night Concert. Andrew is a nationally known singer/songwriter of Americana/Folk Music and is a performer not to be missed. If you missed Andrew last Fall, you have another chance on Sept 24th.

September 24th is also the day for the DMH Team participation in a walkathon to raise public awareness and funding for the Alzheimer’s Association. If any of you already know, my mother Hannah Lindberg passed away in January of 2010 as a victim of Alzheimer’s disease. She suffered the living nightmare of Alzheimer’s for the last 3 years of her life. This is a terrible way to slowly slip from existence, as you are aware that you are beginning to suddenly have periods of time when you find your memory blank. Imagine the fear of suddenly becoming aware that you are living in a nursing home with others who are in worse stages of Alzheimer’s and realizing that you have have lost your identity and dignity of your life. The ONLY possible good thing one can say about losing your memories to Alzheimer’s would be when you get bad enough that you don’t really realize what is happening to you any longer.

Alzheimer’s is an issue that is increasing in numbers of victims exponentially, due to the amount of the population, the Baby Boomer generation, is coming of the age when Alzheimer’s begins One unique fact about the numbers of Baby Boomers is that it is also increasing the numbers of people who are being afflicted with Alzheimer’s at an earlier age. The Alzheimer’s Association has been the leading advocate of raising public and political awareness of the severity of this epidemic of our times. Over the next few years and decades, our nation will see this epidemic grow to staggering proportions and have a crushing effect on the world’s economy.

The DMH Team is looking for donations to contribute and will be walking Sept 24th in the morning in Peters Park. You can make a donation of any amount on our DMH Team Page. You can also contribute by purchasing our House Cookies, as we donate proceeds from them to the Alzheimer’s Association.

We will celebrate our participation that same evening with “An Evening with Andrew McKnight”. Be sure to come and hear this amazing entertainer in our Coffee House. You just can’t find this quality entertainment anywhere in the South Hills in a “Family Friendly, BIG Living Room” venue. Your support of these type of entertainment helps DMH continue to bring such quality entertainment to the South Hills.

We begin our September Friday Night Concert Series with an area band of amazingingly talented musicians called LocaL. Yes, they are a local band named LocaL! They are 4 talented musicians, (Leigh-Anne Yost (guitar, singer, songwriter), Lisa Weiss (singer), Kyle Ingram (guitar, singer, songwriter) and Zack DeFelice (percussion, vocals, guitar, songwriter), who will play many favorite songs your have heard and love as well as some of their original music.

We have a LOT of new & exciting things and events coming this Fall to ‘da House. Be sure to keep checking our website and Event Calendar for all the latest news, as well as opening our monthly newsletter and event reminder emails.

Do forget, you can join ‘da House by entering your email address on our Home Page in the Lil’ Davy Says section. Don’t miss out on who coming and what’s happening’ at ‘da House.

The 6:32 Band Concert Review

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This weekend’s Friday Night Concert Series presented an evening of gospel music at ‘da House. Opening was Brad Bendis, who regaled the audience with a soulful blend of folk and old gospel tunes. Brad certainly has a way of transferring lyrics of great songs like “The City That Lies Foursquare”.

Next up, The 6:32 Band served up an hour of a sample of what they play during their worship service on Sunday evenings at the Meadowlands United Methodist Church, which is offering a service and gathering for anyone who finds it more convenient to attend a Sunday early evening service and informal gathering of anyone of any religion who just want to share and gather for some wonderful music. The band consists of Vicky Andreis, Bob Giacometti, Rodney Cregut and Jeffery Conn.

This was a wonderful and spiritual evening of music for all and a chance to hear some of what the 6:32 Sunday service is like for anyone who would like to give it a try next Sunday evening. Check and Like their Facebook page out at: 6:32 Contemporary Worship Experience

Also, check our DMH YouTube Channel by clicking on the YouTube icon on our website for all of our performance videos, especially for any artist you have missed.

Thanks again to all for continuing to support David’s Music House by donating during our “Friday Night Concert Series”. Only with your support can we continue to bring Pittsburgh area

New Cupcake of the Month

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New Cupcake of the Month!

Stop by David’s Music House to try our new cupcake of the month brought to us by Cookies By Rachel – you WILL NOT be disappointed! A Chocolate cupcake, filled with chocolate buttercream filling and peanut butter icing… OH MAN…these give you CHILLS!!!!Tastes like a Reeses Peanut Butter Cupcake – delicious!

Hope to see you soon to try one of these sweet treats out!