Music & Laughter – BEST Stress relievers

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david on stageStarting your own business takes money, confidence and TIME…and I mean serious amounts of TIME…oh yeah… and for those out there wanting to start a business, this is time WITHOUT being paid! For the first few years, yes, I said years, you will most likely receive no pay! OK… now why do so many do it? For me, it was my chance to be able to use my creativity without being told to stop thinking and go sit down. In addition to this need to use my brain to solve problems and come up with creative solutions, I have had an inner passion to rid my mind of the life long lack of self confidence. I have always had a deep desire to do something to help others but often lacked the confidence to put myself out there to commit myself to that goal. Really age and years of being made to feel as if I couldn’t do anything huge and successful, is what finally gave me the knowledge that not only do I have the ability to do something big, but that I have been doing BIG things for many years. So I finally had the money and the confidence and the willingness to commit the time. There is no way for anyone to understand how much time commitment this really means. It’s more than you can imagine and you WILL become tired and stressed. You will face times when being tired will weaken your focus and drive. This is why it is so important to overestimate the time commitment if you want to start your own business, especially if it’s a new unique idea where you really have no other models to research.

Two things in life can do miracles for our happiness and stress relief and they are MUSIC and LAUGHTER. Fortunately, my business is all about one of these. Of course, that is MUSIC, but even running a music business provides all the stress related issues of any business and I have to find time to completely disconnect myself from the business. Sometimes, I’ll just sit down at the piano and “doodle” and create music of whatever feelings I have at the time. Other times, I’ll just veg out or meditate to some relaxation mood music.

I also LOVE to lose myself in COMEDY! Laughter is another part of being human that provides happiness in indescribable ways. Like music, laughter heals. I know that a few episodes of “Seinfeld”, “I Love Lucy”, a stand up comedian or funny movie takes my mind away from thinking. Whenever I get together with the guys I have played in bands with for most of my life…I get to enjoy both of these at the same time. Recently, when we all performed at David’s Music House, I actually felt a decade of youth enter my body while we were playing on stage. Music is that powerful IF you learn to allow your emotions to fully take over. These guys are also one of my BEST resources of laughter! I never laugh harder, to the point of tears, than when we all get together. Life long friends will do that for each other.

We all have to find time to do things that make us happy and when you are occupied with tasks that consume your thinking and time, you need to STOP and soak yourself into something that takes you away from the race. You can always rely on MUSIC & LAUGHTER as BEST medicines for happiness.

Check out our Music Therapy page for services we offer that utilize #thepowerofmusic

Thanks for all your continued support and spreading the good word about what we do at David’s Music House.



“A Total Music Experience – The Future of Music Education”

10.11.12 – “A Total Music Experience – The Future of Music Education”

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We celebrated our Second Anniversary yesterday on October 10, 2012 with some great friends. Today, we begin (or continue) our journey with the first day of our 3rd year of business. Quite coincidentally, (or is it?) this first day’s date is 10.11.12. Perhaps this is a sign, much as “Get ready, get set, one, two, three…. GO!!!” 🙂 Maybe this is a bit overkill on looking for signs, but there have been many along this journey.

When I was putting my dream and business plan into action of finding the space to rent and begin construction, the entire process was full of difficulties and possible obstructions, but I surged on to picking a date for a Grand Opening, which was October 10, 2010 – 10.10.10 – “a sign”! This also happened to be the only non-Steeler game Sunday in the Fall of 2010 and since I wanted to use the plaza parking lot for the grand opening for a large stage for live music and Sunday was the only day permitted by the plaza for such events… these were just too many “signs” to ignore!

As I said, there have been many more “special moments” that made continuing this journey possible…moments that were actual miracles in of themselves! So why wouldn’t I choose to think of 10.11.12 as one more “sign” that David’s Music House is supposed to be?

Along the lines of ideas that come to our minds from who knows where…. I had a thought expressed to me that David’s Music House is actually “The Future of Music Education”! This is what I have thought of since the seed of what I wanted to do began to grow. I wanted to create something that I felt was missing from music learning. I experience this first hand as my own two daughters, who were far more gifted than I with music abilities, but for whatever reasons, did not continue developing their gift. Here I was a long time, professional musician, who was in awe of his children’s music talents and could not find a way to get them to continue! This is something we all have heard from so many adults, “I used to play an instrument, but stopped when I was young. Oh, how I wished I had continued”! I strongly feel what is missing is “INSPIRATION”. Most musicians can tell you about a moment or a person who made them “know” they wanted to be a musician. I can vividly remember my moment, and it was years before I actually started taking lessons, but never the less, I remember a person who, quite by chance, I happened to see play a Hammond B3 organ, and who amazed me as if he were a magician rather than a musician! His hands moved over the keyboard in a blur that I thought, at the age of 13, was pure magic! The Hammond B3 was the main instrument that I eventually played as a professional musician for over many years!

These moments of inspiration are priceless and not to be missed. That is what David’s Music House offers that no other music education business does….to be inspired, mentored, excited, and soaked in all things music! David’s Music House teachers are not just teachers of music… they are mentors, who are here for anyone who wants, desires and needs some type of help, connection or just somewhere to come and share their love of music. Music is a power in this universe that mankind has known, used, loved and communicated with since our beginnings. Scientists and educators have been telling us about the power of music to the human mind in overall goodness. Music develops both the conscious and unconscious of our minds. It helps children develop and excel in all areas of learning and development. Music also has great power of promoting wellness, healing and touching our deepest emotions. This is what I most cherish about music – its effect on our human emotions, often when we don’t even realize it.

I created a business in a field that I have always loved and to enable myself to continue working as long as I wanted, but the product that was created was something much larger –  that is indeed missing and greatly needed…. “A Total Music Experience – The Future of Music Education”. It is my fondest dream to see that this endures and continues to help, teach, develop and inspire all who come.

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent”
― Victor Hugo

Thanks for your support and love! “Ready….Set….10.11.12……………GO!”


Vicky Andreis Lights Up The House!

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As we reported last month, David’s Music House officially released it’s first FULL-LENGTH album with Treasure by Vicky Andreis. Since then, her first release show has sold out and the album has been selling like crazy!

Sales of Treasure are up in the Washington and Cannonsburg area and the second show scheduled for March 17th is already SOLD OUT! 

If you don’t want to miss out on the rise of a local star, then stop by David’s Music House and pick up your copy of Treasure. They’re going fast so stop by today!

Recent Happenings at ‘da House

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Recent weeks have been very busy at DMH. A NEW music lesson program, back to every Saturday Open Mic Nights, Fall Concert planning, NEW recording artist projects and Special Deals! Whew….hetic, to say the least, but all good.

Our NEW Music Lesson Program has some great news! We have your favorite teachers and have brought 3 new instructors.

William Loughman began in October and for 45 years, has lived music, taught, recorded and collected fine guitars. His guitar solos range from jazz to pop to classical. Bill attended Berklee College of Music and studied with world-renowned artists. Bill also taught classical guitar at “St. Georges English School in Rome, Italy. Bill still has his long time lesson studio in Peters, but has offered to teach DMH students as well. Bill allows us to offer more days of lessons to accommodate our customer needs. Ryan Grisnik is our other excellent guitar instructor.

Kate Steratore began teaching beginning and advanced level piano lessons at DMH in October. Kate has been teaching piano for 30 years. She teaches the classical method and also offers beginning blues and jazz instruction. Kate has studied with Fern Faigen, Natalie Phillips, Ralph Zitterbart and Ron Bickle and has performed with the Pittsburgh Symphony. She was also a Pittsburgh Piano Teachers Association winner as well as a Young Artist Concert Society Award recipient. and has chosen to become part of the DMH family as well.

Our newest addition to the DMH instructors is Nicole Gasse who will be teaching vocal lessons. Nicole is a 2003 graduate of Peters Township High School and a 2007 graduate of Mercyhurst College.  She holds a degree in music education and opera performance.  While teaching voice lessons in her private studio, and music at Chartiers-Houston Jr./Sr. High School by day, she continues to pursue a career as a professional opera singer by night. Nicole also is a member of various musical productions in the Pittsburgh area. We are so excited to be able to offer advanced vocal instruction as well as beginning lessons.

DMH is constantly looking for music teachers to bring as many resources as we can to further our mission of providing all the resources you need to learn and become a musician. We bring learning, performance, recording and the arts of promotion and marketing yourself.

Over recent weeks, we have brought Andrew McKnight, Tyler Stacy, Alicia Romano, Brooke Annibale, Heather Kropf, Judith Avers and The Streelights Doo Wop group – quite an array of area musicians as we strive to support the music scene and bring in sensational music performances to the South Hills community in a family friendly venue.

Here are a few moments of some recent performances:

Alicia Romano, Brooke Annibale, Heather Kropf & Judith Avers

Tyler Stacy

Vicky Andreis

September is here, Fall is coming, Band – LocaL starts concerts, Andrew McKnight returns, LOTS going on at ‘da House

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As we all realize that another summer of vacations and sunny weather, (yes, sunny in Pittsburgh, which is not a usual thing) has come to an end, but we look with great anticipation of the Fall. Fall in Western PA is such a wonderful, cooler, colorful, time of the year. All the colors of Fall speak of warm cozy gatherings of friends and what better place could you find than David’s Music House to enjoy some really great java and pumpkin cupcakes or our House Cookies.

We will be brining some of the best performances back from our first year and many new faces as well. The man who started our very first Friday Night Concert, Andrew McKnight ( will be coming back this September, actually for a Saturday Night Concert. Andrew is a nationally known singer/songwriter of Americana/Folk Music and is a performer not to be missed. If you missed Andrew last Fall, you have another chance on Sept 24th.

September 24th is also the day for the DMH Team participation in a walkathon to raise public awareness and funding for the Alzheimer’s Association. If any of you already know, my mother Hannah Lindberg passed away in January of 2010 as a victim of Alzheimer’s disease. She suffered the living nightmare of Alzheimer’s for the last 3 years of her life. This is a terrible way to slowly slip from existence, as you are aware that you are beginning to suddenly have periods of time when you find your memory blank. Imagine the fear of suddenly becoming aware that you are living in a nursing home with others who are in worse stages of Alzheimer’s and realizing that you have have lost your identity and dignity of your life. The ONLY possible good thing one can say about losing your memories to Alzheimer’s would be when you get bad enough that you don’t really realize what is happening to you any longer.

Alzheimer’s is an issue that is increasing in numbers of victims exponentially, due to the amount of the population, the Baby Boomer generation, is coming of the age when Alzheimer’s begins One unique fact about the numbers of Baby Boomers is that it is also increasing the numbers of people who are being afflicted with Alzheimer’s at an earlier age. The Alzheimer’s Association has been the leading advocate of raising public and political awareness of the severity of this epidemic of our times. Over the next few years and decades, our nation will see this epidemic grow to staggering proportions and have a crushing effect on the world’s economy.

The DMH Team is looking for donations to contribute and will be walking Sept 24th in the morning in Peters Park. You can make a donation of any amount on our DMH Team Page. You can also contribute by purchasing our House Cookies, as we donate proceeds from them to the Alzheimer’s Association.

We will celebrate our participation that same evening with “An Evening with Andrew McKnight”. Be sure to come and hear this amazing entertainer in our Coffee House. You just can’t find this quality entertainment anywhere in the South Hills in a “Family Friendly, BIG Living Room” venue. Your support of these type of entertainment helps DMH continue to bring such quality entertainment to the South Hills.

We begin our September Friday Night Concert Series with an area band of amazingingly talented musicians called LocaL. Yes, they are a local band named LocaL! They are 4 talented musicians, (Leigh-Anne Yost (guitar, singer, songwriter), Lisa Weiss (singer), Kyle Ingram (guitar, singer, songwriter) and Zack DeFelice (percussion, vocals, guitar, songwriter), who will play many favorite songs your have heard and love as well as some of their original music.

We have a LOT of new & exciting things and events coming this Fall to ‘da House. Be sure to keep checking our website and Event Calendar for all the latest news, as well as opening our monthly newsletter and event reminder emails.

Do forget, you can join ‘da House by entering your email address on our Home Page in the Lil’ Davy Says section. Don’t miss out on who coming and what’s happening’ at ‘da House.

Promoting area talent is what DMH does!

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In our goal to become known as a community gathering place for lovers of music and the arts, David’s Music House is always on the lookout for new, upcoming area talent to support and help promote. This Friday’s Concert featured a rising band from the Pittsburgh area, named Roundhand Rowan. They call their music Melodic Hardcore, although, adapting into our smaller coffee house setting, they amazingly transformed into an awesome acoustic performance which was so very cool! RHR had just wound up their August tour and finished in our venue. They are currently recording their upcoming album in the DMH Recording Studio. When we know a release date, we will be sure to pass that one to everyone. Check out their Facebook Page for more info.

Opening for RHR was a local young band named Rare Breed who hail from Canon-Mac school district. They play some amazing new and classic rock covers and are also writing their own music and will be hitting the DMH Recording Studio in the near future. Check out their Facebook Page for more info.

The Coffee House was filled on Friday with area supportive community family members and music lovers. Such a great night of bringing area musicians to perform on stage.


Thanks to all who continue coming to DMH and spread the word to their friends and area residents. We can’t do this without YOU!!!