10.11.12 – “A Total Music Experience – The Future of Music Education”

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We celebrated our Second Anniversary yesterday on October 10, 2012 with some great friends. Today, we begin (or continue) our journey with the first day of our 3rd year of business. Quite coincidentally, (or is it?) this first day’s date is 10.11.12. Perhaps this is a sign, much as “Get ready, get set, one, two, three…. GO!!!” 🙂 Maybe this is a bit overkill on looking for signs, but there have been many along this journey.

When I was putting my dream and business plan into action of finding the space to rent and begin construction, the entire process was full of difficulties and possible obstructions, but I surged on to picking a date for a Grand Opening, which was October 10, 2010 – 10.10.10 – “a sign”! This also happened to be the only non-Steeler game Sunday in the Fall of 2010 and since I wanted to use the plaza parking lot for the grand opening for a large stage for live music and Sunday was the only day permitted by the plaza for such events… these were just too many “signs” to ignore!

As I said, there have been many more “special moments” that made continuing this journey possible…moments that were actual miracles in of themselves! So why wouldn’t I choose to think of 10.11.12 as one more “sign” that David’s Music House is supposed to be?

Along the lines of ideas that come to our minds from who knows where…. I had a thought expressed to me that David’s Music House is actually “The Future of Music Education”! This is what I have thought of since the seed of what I wanted to do began to grow. I wanted to create something that I felt was missing from music learning. I experience this first hand as my own two daughters, who were far more gifted than I with music abilities, but for whatever reasons, did not continue developing their gift. Here I was a long time, professional musician, who was in awe of his children’s music talents and could not find a way to get them to continue! This is something we all have heard from so many adults, “I used to play an instrument, but stopped when I was young. Oh, how I wished I had continued”! I strongly feel what is missing is “INSPIRATION”. Most musicians can tell you about a moment or a person who made them “know” they wanted to be a musician. I can vividly remember my moment, and it was years before I actually started taking lessons, but never the less, I remember a person who, quite by chance, I happened to see play a Hammond B3 organ, and who amazed me as if he were a magician rather than a musician! His hands moved over the keyboard in a blur that I thought, at the age of 13, was pure magic! The Hammond B3 was the main instrument that I eventually played as a professional musician for over many years!

These moments of inspiration are priceless and not to be missed. That is what David’s Music House offers that no other music education business does….to be inspired, mentored, excited, and soaked in all things music! David’s Music House teachers are not just teachers of music… they are mentors, who are here for anyone who wants, desires and needs some type of help, connection or just somewhere to come and share their love of music. Music is a power in this universe that mankind has known, used, loved and communicated with since our beginnings. Scientists and educators have been telling us about the power of music to the human mind in overall goodness. Music develops both the conscious and unconscious of our minds. It helps children develop and excel in all areas of learning and development. Music also has great power of promoting wellness, healing and touching our deepest emotions. This is what I most cherish about music – its effect on our human emotions, often when we don’t even realize it.

I created a business in a field that I have always loved and to enable myself to continue working as long as I wanted, but the product that was created was something much larger –  that is indeed missing and greatly needed…. “A Total Music Experience – The Future of Music Education”. It is my fondest dream to see that this endures and continues to help, teach, develop and inspire all who come.

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent”
― Victor Hugo

Thanks for your support and love! “Ready….Set….10.11.12……………GO!”



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These are lyrics from a classic song by David Bowie, “Changes”

Life is all about changes. Changes can seem good or bad, but the key to everything is how we react to changes.…how we learn and act from that point on.

Over the last 4 years, I can’t believe how many huge changes I have gone through, from having my 22 + years corporate job outsourced, losing my mother to Alzheimer’s Disease, searching for what I would eventually do for a living, going to a Community College class, “How to Start a Small Business”, meeting several friends and business mentors, SCORE advisors, deciding what the risk factors are, coming up with a business model and plan and organizing a Grand Opening involving 22 performers, outside stage, and opening the doors on my newly designed and constructed David’s Music House on October 10, 2010 (10.10.10).

One major factor that I knew was important for me in this new business venture was that I had to LOVE what I was going to do and not choose a business that was not just involving some product or service that may sound like a “good thing”, but to insure that whatever I did was focused on a major passion in my heart and soul. I knew that had to be music.

I have been playing music since I was 13 years old. About a year after I began taking organ lessons, I started playing the in a local restaurant, playing organ music on Friday & Saturday nights for 6 hours a night. A few years later, I heard the band “Santana” which featured a Hammond B3 organ and my life changed. As with all things when I started, my Dad, helped myself and other friends purchase instruments and find our band jobs. He was totally involved and really responsible for myself and others beginning our professional musical journey.

Since opening David’s Music House, about 18 months ago, I probably have had to step back 3 or 4 times and re-organize my business model. So it’s time once again to take a step back, look over everything over, what works, what doesn’t work and eliminate the things that don’t work and focus more on what does.

So, it’s time once again for some of those ch..ch..ch…changes! Its just about summer time and all of us at ‘da House are working hard to bring the most AMAZING Summer Music Programs to the community.

The Recording Studio is getting re-designed and will also double as a Rehearsal Room for area bands who need some great space to get together and get their performance nailed down. The Rehearsal Room will have a great sound system, mics and drum kit available. There is easy access with no steps from the back of the store to bring in your amps and just plug in. All for an ridiculously affordable $20/hour fee! ARE YOU KIDDING???? NO WE ARE NOT!!!

All of the DMH Music Teachers have been working hard to put together the most AWESOME Summer Band Camps, Songwriting and Guitar Workshops as well as Broadway and Cabaret Camps. Check our website or stop in for all the details and dates for the various camp weeks.

Get ready for this!!!!!!!! We will have some well-known celebrities holding some Master Classes. These will be centered on areas such as songwriting, marketing yourself as an Independent Musician and How to prepare for going to college for a music degree. Names like Vanessa Campagna, who has performed concerts with the Pittsburgh Symphony and Marvin Hamlisch and concerts at Pittsburgh’s Light Up Night, as well as third generation accomplished musician Benny Benack III, currently attending the Manhattan School of Music in New York City.

We are brining in a constant stream of NEW accomplished and degreed teachers to our already renowned staff of music instructors to insure you can find a time and day for just about any instrument you would like to study. Our music teachers at David’s Music House are unique to any other place you may find as they teach and “inspire” and involve students into our “Total Music Experience” with the use of our coffee house stage for quick, impromptu performances, perhaps after a great lesson or at one of our “Inspiring Professional Artist LIVE Concert Nights”, which are for the whole family!

What makes learning an instrument “A Total Music Experience” at David’s Music House is that we provide the entire path anyone needs to learn, develop and be inspired to become the musician you want to be! We take you from lessons, to performance on our café stage, into our State of the Art, Digital Apple Logic Recording Studio and then show you how to distribute, market and promote yourself. What’s more, we provide a direct connection with many Independent Professional Musicians who are doing exactly that. Students who come to our Concert Nights will be able to sit and talk directly to all the national touring musicians we have performing on our coffee house stage.

You CAN NOT FIND a more Total Music Experience anywhere!

Come in anytime and talk to us about whatever aspect of music you are interested in. We have a whole new “EXPERIENCE” right here in your neighborhood!

Giving Thanks, That’s what this holiday is about!

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As the saying goes, “If it was easy, everyone would do it!” I say this a lot, ever since starting my business, David’s Music House, last October 2010. It has been one of the most difficult things I have ever done, and yet, I have never enjoyed doing work so much in my life! I often remind myself, when I get bogged down in bills, long hours and forgetting to do some important task, to “Stop and enjoy this moment, this hour, this day, before it’s gone”.

We all lead crazy, hectic lives, as our lifestyles seem to have exponentially become so complex and we all struggle to find ways of getting through these hard economic times. People not only are finding it hard to find jobs but companies are still laying people off and we all do our best to make ends meet. During our stress filled lives, we need to force ourselves to stop doing what we are doing and think about all the blessings we have and are enjoying right now, this moment, this hour and this day! Don’t miss an awesome moment of taking your children to music lessons because you’re in a hurry and have had a difficult day. Instead, enjoy that you are with them, right in that moment!

The media, retail and marketers have turned the end of each year into a blur of shopping, one giant combined holiday season and we are now hearing Christmas music the day after Halloween! Thanksgiving has turned into a pause to have a good meal and take a break from shopping for Christmas. Thanksgiving is not just some great food day in the middle of the holiday season from Halloween to New Year’s Day! This is a holiday that plainly states it’s meaning in the name itself. It is a time of stopping to give thanks for all we have and to be with the most important people in our lives….our family and friends.

I could easily think of this Thanksgiving Day as a very welcome break from working hours on end to make my business a success. I choose not to focus on that, although I do enjoy the day, the food and the rest. I have so much to be thankful for this year, from my health, to doing something I absolutely LOVE everyday, to being able to make the decisions I want without running it by a deaf corporate ear, and most of all, I will take time to think of all the amazing concerts, musicians, new friendships, long time friends who have helped me build and start this business and “Angels who are watching over me” and have helped me find ways to keep David’s Music House going for over a year now.

All of us at David’s Music House hope you all STOP and give special “Thanks” to all the blessings in your lives this Thanksgiving and take a break from all the worries and stress in your lives, to savor the day, with good time, family and friends. Please stay safe during your holiday travels as well.

We all give our heartfelt THANKS to all of YOU, who have told us how much you LOVE David’s Music House, spread the word about us and for all of your support and kind thoughts. We are here for YOU and to provide a place where you can get away from all the stress and enjoy the common bonds of our “Love of Music and the Arts!”

Happy Thanksgiving!


Logic Studio’s Plug-ins & Sounds

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Here are some of the AMAZING “REAL” amp sounds you can use in our Apple Logic Studio. Leave your amp home and play your guitar using direct-in, and  you have any amp sound you want. Check out just some of the sounds you can use during your session. Click on the Button links below each amp to hear them.

Amp Designer Classic American Combos

These combos are louder and cleaner than the earlier Tweeds, with tighter lows and restrained distortion. They’re great for a punchy rock tone, vintage R & B, surf, twangy country, and jazz.

Pedalboard Delay

Pour on the vibe with spacey echoes, spring reverbs, and backward delays. Just run your guitar signal through Blue Echo, Spring Box, or Tru-tape Delay and leave your dry signal behind.