What’s the Secret of Success?

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Three key ingredients – Yep, that’s the big secret to success, so simple and yet so not followed. So many approach success as what’s the popular thing…what will yield the most return on investment… The secret comes from inside YOU and what has life taught you and what frustrates you that you want to fix…? Here are my 3 ingredients:

1) The idea of what DMH continuously strives to do comes directly from about 60 years of my personal life experiences. Every facet of David’s Music House is created and driven by the voice inside of me and that makes the business have no direct competition. No one else can possibly have had the experiences I have over the last 66 years.

2) Never, never, never, never, never…infinity + NEVER….QUIT. I know if I ever stop, that will be just a few inches short of succeeding beyond my wildest dreams. Every single world changing idea, invention or service created only came about to all of our awareness because the originator continued until it happened.

3.)There is one more key ingredient, which I strongly believe in, more so now in my life than ever before…that is the knowledge that I have discovered why God created me and why every good and terrible experience I’ve ever gone through happened to me. Every step, from my earliest childhood, to the moment I am typing this right now has allowed me to be exactly who I am and where I am and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve experienced, over the last 7+ years, digging into some of my retirement money and even hitting a couple of solid walls of not knowing how I would pay for the next month, but every time, God has provided a way, through sources I would have never imagined! I have never been very religious, but at this stage in my life, I am 100% aware that all the years I thought my life was nothing of any significance, there were just far too many times and events that could have turned my life the wrong way or even ended it. This has solidified my faith in the simple fact that God has taken care of me. I won’t go further into this subject here except to say that these “facts or ingredients” provide such a sense of accomplishment and happiness to my life. I also know there is so much more to come…because I hear it and feel it from my inner voice every day.

Want to succeed and be happy? Look at your life and all the events in it that you experienced and then ask yourself, in your most quiet moments…What am I here for? You will find your answer….BUT…you may not realize it until you have had enough life experiences in order for this to be revealed to you.

As aways, I thank everyone for finding and supporting David’s Music House and what we do.

“It is our mission to not only teach how to play an instrument or sing, but to help students discover “WHY” they have begun this music journey! I call our music teachers, “Music Mentors” as they live the passion of “The lesson room is only the FIRST STEP” in the process of discovering this almost magical and emotional thing that we humans do to express ourselves, communicate and make the world a better place.” – David


Peace and Love,




Creativity….It’s In My DNA

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david on stageI have always loved looking for a new or different way of doing anything! I can remember from a very early age following my Dad around and watching anything he did. My Dad was always into something, from home improvement projects to taxidermy (don’t know what that is? Google it :-). Dad would do home projects but always with a creative drive. He didn’t like having the same things every other house in the neighborhood had. Many homes had driveways in our neighborhood that were either gravel or cement where the tires drove into the garage with grass in the middle. Dad decided he was going to make the driveway all cement but he found a way of coloring cement so our driveway had a strip of green cement where the grass used to be. Dad also installed air-conditioning in our home way before anyone ever considered getting air-conditioning in homes.

Dad was known for having that creative flair even when he was very young. He was an avid hunter even as a teenager, but in those days, teenagers weren’t just given money for anything they wanted. If they wanted something, they had to find a way to earn the money. Dad also started doing taxidermy as a teenager, so he walked into the local hardware store and asked the owner if he would allow him to decorate his front window to display their hunting equipment, in exchange for hunting supplies he wanted. So the owner agreed and Dad used animals he had stuffed, leaves, tree branches and created an awesome display window and this was how he was able to get the hunting supplies he needed every year.

I definitely have the creative gene in my DNA. I’m always looking for better and creative ways to improve our “Total Music Experience”. Over the next couple of months, we will be migrating to a new scheduling software that will provide each parent/student their personal portal of communication with their teachers.

Beginning Soon – NEW Scheduling Software.

Some of the services this will offer:

  • Your personal webpage to view your upcoming lesson appointments
  • One place for teachers to post lesson plans, notes about music books needed, resources to help with practicing for you next lesson
  • Communications tool to your teacher
  • Email reminders about tuition payments
  • FUTURE – on-line payment processes
  • DMH merchandise, gift certificates, etc. in an easy access on-line store.

Speaking of growth, we are indeed growing. One aspect of growth is keeping up with it in order to continue providing the same level of service and satisfaction. Our growth is reaching the level where we need to be aware of how to insure we are providing the BEST EXPERIENCE to ALL of our DMH student families.

Opened on Oct. 10, 2010DMH Student Grown 2010-2015

Started with 30 students

Now over 200 students

Started with 4 teachers

Now – 17 teachers

Our Monthly Student Showcases, for example, have been extremely successful, to the degree that we are overcrowding our space. We now need to limit the amount of people for the comfort and safety of everyone, so the students performing will invite two family members to watch their performance. We also need to insure performing students have seats to enjoy the showcase as well.

Other family and friends can watch their students perform as we will be streaming showcases LIVE, on the internet using Ustream. To view a showcase, anyone can simply go to www.davidsmusichouse.com and click the U icon, in the top, right corner of the HOME PAGE and they will be taken to the LIVE performance.  The performance will later be available on our DMH YouTube Channel, which is also accessed from the YouTube icon on our website.

I love looking for ways to use technology and creativity to insure David’s Music House always provides “A Total Music Experience”.

Thank you to each and every one of you for your continuing support and love!

PS – Don’t forget to check out our Ustream Channel LIVE broadcast of this month’s Student Showcase.

Peace & Love,


Keep on keeping’ on….. 

Quite a long while ago

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David b&wIf I’ve learned one thing about starting your own business, it’s that you always have to bring yourself back to center focus on WHY you are doing this in the first place. Often, the purpose is to start something that will be successful, new, innovative, and monetarily rewarding. While these are all part of starting a business, they will not keep things moving toward real fulfillment.

During my last 5 or so years before my 22 year corporate job ended, I began thinking, there has to be a better way….a better purpose…something that “I” could do differently. I began exploring a few franchise ideas. I quickly discovered that many franchises have one single purpose and that is providing income to who was selling the franchise. I knew whatever I did, it had to be centered on something that was “me” and on something that had been at the center of fulfillment, most of my life…and that was music.

I must confess that what is David’s Music House…. was not in my mind from the start. I really only knew how I felt inside and that my creativity could come up with something different. I have ALWAYS been about doing things or looking at things from other viewpoints and other ways. As I explored resources about starting a business, I began doing the basics. I took a course “How to start a business” at our local community college. The course provided a general knowledge of steps to take and a TON of resources to investigate. I knew that this was just a first step in a long process of research and discovery that would put me on a path of where I wanted to go.

Then something else seems to take over my next steps in this journey. It was more of an inner voice telling me to go ask this person for advice or ask to speak to the owner of a business. I don’t remember having these steps in my mind but rather just some inner force pushing me. Eventually, I reached a point within a 2 year period of gathering resources and advice that I had to put a pin on a date on a calendar and “just do it”! Somehow, all the pieces fell together as if by some miracle force to the magical date of 10.10.10 –  my Grand Opening Day! October 10, 2010….yes… 10.10.10…so many pieces of a HUGE puzzle of how I had arrived at this date were nothing less than miracles! To this day, I KNOW IN MY HEART that my Dad, who had passed when I was 40 years old, had been standing there, right beside me all the time, making everything happen to me that brought me to that date!

That force and spirit that has been guiding me…that inner voice…is still working within my life, every single day! From that opening day, too many “miracles” have been happening to keep my journey going. I know that the forces that brought me to where I am right now in my life have not happened by chance and that makes me know that this journey that is David’s Music House is only going to continue moving toward my inner purpose of doing everything I can to help others find their personal journey, and what better tool can we use to make our lives better, than music!

Changes happen…and unexpected things occur…but one thing remains the same….we each have a purpose that guides our choices and actions as we go through life. If you listen to who you are, deep inside…the voice that has guided your good and bad choices in life…you will know what to do when those changes come along. Stay in focus of who you are. THIS will always make you know how to make the right choices in whatever you do.

As David’s Music House contines to grow and face challenges, my inner voice will always guide me to keep on target of doing the best I can to provide a place of happiness, guidance and mentoring to those who wish to find out who they want to be….and we do that …. with MUSIC!

Peace and Love,




Let Your CORE Characteristics Lead You To Success

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david on stageAt David’s Music House, we teach music lessons….yes, but my real purpose for the creation of David’s Music House is a higher mission.  I have realized over recent years, the creating and planning of “what I want to do”, comes from something deep inside of me that has driven my entire life, through everything I ever experienced, whether that be good or bad, positive or negative.  I have only recently discovered what I always thought of as my core character of weakness and fear, is actually the strength of who I am and how I have behaved for my entire life!  I have never been a fighter.  I have never liked competition and therefore I never liked sports or anything competitive.  Because of this, I have always thought of myself as the “odd” one…the one who is different, and so I retreated from most difficulties in my life.  Growing older helps a bit, but I have never been one to raise my hand or step forward into any challenge if I could avoid doing so.  As I have said quite often, discovering MUSIC and my natural gift of being able to sing, gave me my first avenue of standing out in crowds as someone special.  The thing is, when I wasn’t playing music or singing and performing, I retreated and remained, in my mind, the “odd” one.

With reaching my sixth decade, leaving that corporate environment where I had remained silent and “different”, I have been doing the hard work, on my own, with my own initiatives and thoughts, that have created and kept my first business going and prospering for nearly 5 years now. This has given me the knowledge that as I face problems, that very same passion and “difference” that I felt all my life, was now the driving force that I KNOW is why my business is not only still existing, but is growing. That PASSION and looking back at the HUGE things I have accomplished in the last 7 years to make this business possible, IS THE KEY to knowing David’s Music House, and what it provides to the community, WILL CONTINUE TO SUCCEED!

So, how does one succeed at a business? Look at the center or core of who you are, what you want to do, not as a business, but exactly what makes you tick. It may take a long time to discover that, but it is Key to your success…that and the knowing that you can’t quit trying.

The next Key ingredient is your team. You must find others who are amazing at doing the things you need in your vision. They need to have the gift to do the things you want to do but better than you could. The only way you can get these other experts to do what THEY do best, but within the focus and direction that will satisfy your vision, is Leadership. They need to have the ability to see and love your vision. You can find many who want to ride your journey but never be capable of seeing and joining your quest.  It is crucial that you continue tweaking your team and insure you don’t have anyone who simply is along for the ride. Gifted members of a team on a focused quest do not hinder your vision…they use their gifts to enhance it…Why? …because they believe in the vision and in YOU! It’s your job to make them know you love them for what they do but it’s their job to help you on this journey, not hinder it.  If you always talk about what your vision is and continue to praise and promote the gifts that your team brings to the journey, it will always be easy to see the weak links in your team and quickly make adjustments.  Everyone on your team needs to add to and magnify your vision. It’s the job of every leader or business owner to keep the vision and mission of the business clear and at the center of WHY everyone is on this uniquely gifted team.

Using my CORE characteristics of wanting to use the powerful tool of MUSIC to do more than merely give music lessons, our MISSION STATEMENT is:

Through the magic of music, it is our dream to fulfill a larger purpose of instilling humility and kindness into what occurs at David’s Music House. Toward this purpose, we have adapted a slogan of “The Lesson Room is only the First Step”, meaning we begin teaching how to play an instrument or use one’s voice, but our teachers also become Music Mentors to our students. They also work together, as a team with a higher singular purpose of instilling as much mentoring as is possible, to ingrain performance characteristics such as looking at an audience, listening to other musicians they perform with, making sure their instrument “blends in” with the others rather than trying to make sure they are the only ones heard playing or singing. Along with these performance traits, a natural inheriting of humbleness will also become a part of each student’s learning. Using the amazing power of Music to connect to the soul, along with a mentoring process of humility will hopefully bring more people into the community who will do good things and play music. THIS….is the real agenda behind everything we do at David’s Music House.

I welcome anyone to send comments or email me at david@davidsmusichouse.com with your thoughts or questions about what we do or anything about this article.

Peace & Love,





Spoken Words Can Change You and Your Success

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david on stageThere’s a saying that goes… “Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words can never hurt you”, sometimes said by parents to their child to help them deal with bully name calling. Parents were trying to tell their children to walk away and don’t let what bullies say bother them, because they’re only words. The truth is that words spoken out loud can indeed hurt, not only emotionally, but physically as well. They can also change your life for the better.

Say something negative, out loud. Then pay attention to how you feel inside. Now, say something positive, out loud. Now how do you feel? I have read a good many articles about this. I think we’re all pretty sure that thinking negatively makes us feel bad and the opposite is true about thinking positively, but if you want to really make a change in how you physically feel, then actually speaking positive words out loud can change and affect your physical well-being. If you want to know how your life and health will be in the future….pay attention to your words being spoken.

I have been trying to train myself for months now on this process and I can feel the difference. Speaking lists of good things about yourself will build your confidence and emotional feelings inside. Many public speakers use this method to warm up before a speaking engagement. Just think about the logic of this and it makes sense. How would you expect a person to behave generally if all you ever heard them say was negative words. You may know some people like this and you most certainly don’t want to be around them. Logically, it just makes sense that we generate how we feel, physically, by the words we choose to speak. When your driving and someone pulls out of a side street, dangerously, right in front of your car, do you just think bad thoughts? No, we say the words out loud and we give strength to how angry we feel, along with all the additional stress that high anger brings to our bodies. It’s NOT a good thing to increase our stress!

When running your own business, you will always face challenges.
  • Are your employees giving the best customer service possible?
  • Is your staff on board the mission of your company?
  • Are you, as the owner, leading everyone toward your mission and success?
When we speak about these processes in our businesses, in a negative sense,  we are NOT doing anything to help ourselves. The point is, the words we speak out loud become physical reality, and thus, how we feel inside and therefore how we live. The key to learn is that saying positive words out loud will do the opposite. They will make us be happier, live better lives,  and become more successful.

I for one, choose to train myself, everyday, to stop this lifelong habit of allowing negative thoughts to become reality by speaking them. I choose the logic of speaking good words. I choose to give voice to positivity, happiness and success.

If you own a business, choose to say:
  • I will solve every issue to a better process.
  • Our customers will be given the best service.
  • I will continue building the best team.
  • I will provide an atmosphere of good purpose and services that make customers better off for coming.
  • I will succeed in my purpose and therefore become a lender and not a borrower.
  • I will make the world a better place.
  • I will succeed!

Other news in ‘da House…

“Student Showcase Concert Series” & “Community Under 18 Open Stage”

Note that for everyone’s clarity, we are separating our 2nd Wednesday of the month events into two sections.
Our DMH Teacher hosted “Student Showcase Concert” will begin at 7:00 PM and will continue for as many students who are performing that evening.
AFTER the student concert is over, we will begin our “Community Under 18 Open Stage”. Generally this will begin around 8:00 PM or after the student concert has finished. So anyone wanting to perform for the Open Stage, should come around 7:30 or 8:00 PM.
There are some RULES for the Open Stage:
  • NO instruments will be provided.
  • Performers must bring their own instruments.
  • We do provide a sound system, microphones, and a keyboard. Electric guitars and electric bass will ONLY be permitted to plug into our sound system.
  • NO amplifiers are permitted.
  • Any groups or bands of more than 3 members MUST CALL AT LEAST A DAY BEFORE AND MUST HAVE APPROVAL FROM DAVID TO PERFORM. No bands will be permitted to come the night of the event to perform without pre-approval of David.

“Summer Camp News”

We are putting all of your NEW 2015 Summer Camps together and we will be announcing all of that information in May. We know that families are making plans for the summer including vacations and other activities, so we will be getting this VERY COOL music camp info out to you all PRONTO ,so you’ll be sure to fit your DMH Camps into your summer of FUN!

Some of the ideas we are putting together involve some Rock, Broadway, our favorite Total Music Experience Camp and a Recorder Camp for those about to begin music in elementary school in September, so you’ll be ahead of the curve and ready to go!

Stay Tuned!!!

As usual, I have to continue to thank ALL of our DMH Families for choosing David’s Music House for you Music House and for spreading the word about what we do here.

Love & Peace,

David – President

I’m on a mission…

Quite a long while ago

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david on stageNot quite like the Elwood Blues quote, of the band from Saturday Night Live, The Blues Brothers…. “I’m on a mission from God”, (a bit more literally than The Blues Brothers)…  I realize more everyday that what I’ve created in David’s Music House is a philosophy or pathway of teaching something more than how to play a musical instrument. I’m actually on a life’s mission to help teach others how to be amazing with their God given gifts, but to also be humble, kind people….through the power of Music. My earliest personal memories are of a bewilderment of why anyone would want to be mean or hurtful to another, when it’s much easier and rewarding to be kind to others. I have, and continue to be, both dismayed and amazed that this will likely always be the case.

Music has always been an emotional and soulful connection to joy and happiness for me. It connects and envelops me with every emotion, from sadness and deep reflection to extreme joy and high energy. Through the magic of music, it is my dream to fulfill a larger purpose of instilling humility and kindness into what occurs at David’s Music House. Toward this purpose, we have adapted a slogan of “The Lesson Room is only the First Step”, meaning we begin teaching how to play and instrument or use one’s voice, but our teachers also become Music Mentors to our students. They also work together, as a team with a higher singular purpose of instilling as much mentoring as is possible, to ingrain performance characteristics such as looking at an audience, listening to other musicians they perform with, making sure their instrument “blends in” with the others rather than trying to make sure they are the only ones heard playing or singing. Along with these performance traits, a natural inheriting of humbleness will also become a part of each student’s learning. Using the amazing power of Music to connect to the soul, along with a mentoring process of humility will hopefully bring more people into the community who will do good things. THIS….is the real agenda behind everything we do at David’s Music House.

We encourage parents and members of the community to become more involved in their children and insure that Music is a high priority in their development process. Week after week, I continue to discover news articles about studies that are finding more evidence of how extremely important it is to have our young children learn and participate in music. The bounty of character building and mind development derived from learning music from an early age is so worthwhile that a strong, yet supportive parental investment is absolutely necessary to our future generations. Nothing but good can come from bringing music into a child’s life….to them and to all the world. Let it be a mission of all of us.

Thanks so much for all your continued support of what we all do here at David’s Music House. Please feel free to add your comments and feedback and I will reply.

Peace and Love,