“People don’t buy what you do…people buy WHY you do it” – Simon Sinek

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The message of my article this month is perfectly aligned with an amazing concept from Simon Sinek, noted author and motivational speaker. There is a great video of by Mr. Sinek titled “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” on Ted Talks (www.ted.com) about great leaders who follow a philosophy of “People don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it”. My article this month speaks about my discovery that this amazing principal is exactly the primary mission for my creation that is David’s Music House. I would like to tell you all WHY I created David’s Music House and tell you the VALUE of choosing to come here for your music education, above all other possible choices.

THE reason I created David’s Music House was my underlying passion to do everything possible, in a music educational environment, to prevent a student from losing that passion that first ignited within to make him or her want to learn to play an instrument. (People don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it.) I decided that my music school had to provide any tool or at least the ability for educators to feel free to create and utilize any means to re-ignite that spark when they see a sudden lack of practice or enthusiasm in their student.  Additionally, I remembered that every musician I have ever known, experienced a single moment or person who totally put them on a path of becoming a musician. Therefore, I created a “LIVE music venue setting for the school, where learning students could watch and listen to amazing professional performers dazzle them, right before their eyes, in a close, comfortable setting in a “living room, coffee house”.  I can remember thinking… this is a win-win solution!  I’ll create a music school that looks and feels like anyone’s living room and add the community feeling of a coffee house setting.  This would provide performers with the intimate environment they like to perform in the most amazing music lesson waiting room ever created!

This most unique business idea, along with a perfect atmosphere in a prosperous, growing community is what makes David’s Music House perfect for growth.  I have seen it occurring since I first opened the doors on 10/10/2010.  I knew I had the perfect ingredients for business growth.  The second part of seeing a long successful business is by providing the very best “customer experience” to insure loyalty in your customers so they keep coming back.

FINDING THE BEST TEACHERS:  David’s Music House has some of the finest musicians/instructors you will ever find!  I pride myself in hiring not only teachers with extensive music backgrounds, but also in finding those who can and will embrace the DMH mission. “I will not have a single teacher within David’s Music House who shows resistance to the purpose it was created for and each must not only verbally agree to the mission, but carry out it’s purpose every single day, even when they are not physically within the business.  Those who will be here to see the heights we can all reach, will be those who ‘walk the walk’ of not just teaching… but making sure each and every student wants to come to David’s Music House more than almost anything else they are involved in”.  This can only be done if the teachers are providing the excitement and passion from within themselves, and lead by example.  That is how you mentor and change lives… by setting examples of INSPIRATION, not simply providing instructions to someone and then sending them home, expecting them to come back next week.

The plan, as I tell all the current teachers, is that David’s Music House is going to be larger than they can possibly imagine and following the path and methods I have laid before you, will not only make this happen faster, but it will insure your success, both monetarily and in completely fulfilling your passion for music when you see all your students succeed and become amazing musicians and performers.

So I say, to all who come to David’s Music House and to all the future students out there… when you come to David’s Music House, as long as it has that name, you will find it to be a refuge for you, to come and enjoy, discuss, plan, learn, listen, and perform…all for the LOVE AND POWER OF MUSIC!  We are here to instruct you on how to play and instrument and to insure that the process keeps you loving the journey all along the way.

We encourage all of our parents and students to tell us if you think your student is becoming disinterested.  We are not here only to teach.  We are here to make sure you LOVE what you are learning and most importantly, WHY you are doing it.

“Thank you for finding and entrusting your musical journey to David’s Music House”? – David


Music Teacher Spotlight: Jeff Knell

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Jeff Knell is a native of McMurray and has been involved with music since the age of 10. While attending Peters Township High School, he held leadership positions in both the marching and concert bands as first chair trombone player and was selected to participate in County, District and Regional band festivals. To fill an empty seat in a pit orchestra rehearsal, he taught himself to play the bassoon and quickly took to the instrument. This experience fueled the desire to continue learning woodwind instruments in addition to the brass he was already familiar with, and helped him to decide on a future in music.

A graduate of Mercyhurst College in Erie with a degree in Music Education, he is an accomplished performer and teacher and is certified to teach general, vocal and instrumental music. While his primary focus in college was bassoon, he performed on saxophone and trombone regularly in the jazz ensemble and played clarinet, flute and oboe at various times in chamber groups and pit orchestras for musicals, becoming versed in classical, orchestral, jazz and contemporary band literature. He played the baritone saxophone in a saxophone quartet, and has also performed vocally in concert choir, chamber choir and an a cappella vocal jazz ensemble. He has spent the past two summers working at a Music and Arts Day Camp at Chatham University and enjoys performing and teaching instrumental music.

Jeff has been a substitute Bethel Park Middle School 6th grade general music teacher from January 2012, composing some wind band music, waiting to plant in the garden, dabbling with electronics and microphones with his personal recordings and teaching himself electric bass in his free time, of which there is very little.

“I’m loving everything I am doing, I just wish I didn’t have to eat or sleep so I could get more done in a timely manner.” says Jeff.

“I am so very proud to have someone of Jeff’s caliber teaching here at David’s Music House. Jeff is not only an extremely knowledgeable teacher, but an absolutely amazing person and all of his students love him, as do all of us at DMH!” – David

We keep bringing in The Best Performers

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Kurt Scobie performed last night, March 23, and literally dumbfounded the audience! I have been a musician for over 40 year now and I am completely lost for words when some performers come to my little venue “dream” that I have created at this period of my life. These “special moments” when someone gives me a lead to check out some independent musicians from all over the country, take me aback as I first am caught up in getting them in, settled, plugged in, work the sound check, set up chairs and video cameras and begin to sweat bullets just getting things just right. Then suddenly, I realize this wonderful musician/singer/songwriter who literally drove hundreds of miles just to play only in one stop in Pittsburgh, David’s Music House! WHAT????

It’s a musician’s dream to hear the BEST performers and to have one-of-a-kind musicians like Kurt Scobie, perform in our “living room cafe” is beyond a musician’s dream!

Marielle Thomas is an absolutely wonderful local area singer/songwriter who happened to come to one of our Open Mic Nights a few months back and I thought she would be a perfect opener for Kurt and she proved me right. Marielle has a velvet voice and writes great songs and is putting her band together as I type this. We’ll have her back with her band in the coming months.

I keep plugging away and trying hard to tell the community of South Hills about how David’s Music House continues to bring these performers who could easily win contests like American Idol and The Voice…right to their own neighborhood. It’s taking a long while to get past the “do you have alcohol” mindset to get people to just realize the music that’s going on here at “da House.

I hope we can continue bringing artists like Kurt and Marielle to our venue…..but we need the support of the community to let these performers know that this area does indeed love music and will support independent music, wherever it appears.

Click on our YouTube button at the top right corner of our webpages to see ALL the amazing performances that have appeared at David’s Music House over the past 15 months, as well as check the calendar page for upcoming performances. If you click right on any performer on the calendar, it will take you to another webpage with some samples and detail about each concert performers as well as some of their videos.

Please continue coming to our concerts and spreading the word about what a gathering place of music David’s Music House is to all of your friends.

We thank you all for your support!