How Do You Spell “Inspiration”?

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During February, we held our first Teachers Concert where our teachers performed on the DMH coffee house stage for their students. The results of the event were more than anyone could have imagined! The theme was “INSPIRATION” and each teacher spoke of what inspired them and made music their passion and career. The stories were varied, but most had a common theme of “family”. Someone, whether it be a father, mother or uncles and aunts, were the sources of their inspiration and supporters of their talents. That is THE KEY to getting your child to succeed. Yes, that first action of getting them started taking music lessons is important, but then it is supporting their development over the years. Some of the BEST ways of doing this is to take them to a variety of LIVE music events. Seeing LIVE performances will do more to encourage them to practice and grow as students. THIS is why David’s Music House was created…to offer an environment of consistent “INSPIRATION”. I say it often in my articles, but the LIVE music performances at DMH will help your student more than you can imagine. David’s Music House is the only place in the area where you can bring the whole family to amazing performances of independent recording, touring and local musicians and be sure you will not hear or see anything you wouldn’t want your family to be exposed to. DMH Concerts are also the only “interactive concerts”, where the audience can ask the artists questions, meet and have conversations with them. I ask performers to “Inspire” our students and tell them how they do what they do and what inspires them. Below is an example how artists talk about what they do with our audiences.

The Hillary Reynolds Band

My “Inspiration” and source of the creation of David’s Music House – David A. Lindberg

To speak of my personal source of “Inspiration”, in addition to The Beatles who changed music for my generation, I have to talk about my father, “Big Dave”. My Dad was the person who put me on a path of music and lived his life of loving music through me. When my Dad was young, he played guitar. The family stories were of him singing songs around the campfire. His father, my Grandfather, also David, played piano by ear. He also never took lessons but the stories are that in his youth, he played honky-tonk piano style. This is definitely where my love and gift of music all came from along with my ability to play and sing by ear, which means I can listen to songs, find the chords and melody on the piano keys and learn the song. The picture is of me playing my very first professional gig, at a local restaurant. I did not sing, but played the organ for 6 hours on Friday & Saturday nights and my Dad was right there every night. He was my manager and biggest fan. David’s Music House would not exist today if it were not for my Dad. I feel his presence at DMH constantly. I know he has been helping and guiding me all the way through this venture of my lifetime. My Dad was the parent who signed loan notes for other band members. He bought a van for us to haul our equipment around in. He found us jobs and was there with us wherever we played. He drove us and our equipment to Seven Springs ski resort in the early 1970’s and talked the bar manger to allow us to play during their house band’s breaks. We did and ended up playing there for decades afterward. I began taking organ lessons when I was 11 years old and eventually took classical pipe organ lessons for a few years. In the meantime, The Beatles happened and I as many of the Baby Boomer Generation became in grossed in The Beatles and Rock. Then Woodstock happened. (Google it, if you don’t know what it is). I found some other guys my age who had already formed a rock band and joined them. I have played many genres of music throughout the last 45+ years that I have been playing professionally, but most of my performing was playing Motown, Rhythm & Blues and Pop songs. I love ballads with a great melody and lyrics the most. In my beginning years of playing with the first band, I discovered that I could sing. Vocals became what I did best.

It is my passion to develop and insure that anyone who loves music and wants to play or sing it, find his or her path of inspiration. Music has provided lifelong gifts to me and I want to insure that anyone who has that same desire can be helped and mentored along that same path, as far as they wish to go.

What “INSPIRES” you about music? Please add your comments to this article. Let’s see if we can get a conversation going about Inspiration.

Thank YOU ALL for your support and LOVE for David’s Music House where “The Lesson Room is only the FIRST STEP”


Little Things Matter, Teachers Concert & “Love R Cafe Month”

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Our very good friend, gifted musician, songwriter and master of performance, Andrew McNight has an original song from his album, “Beyond Borders”, titled “Good Things Matter“. Andrew talks about how his grandmother had all these stories and bits of wisdom that he remembers and treasures. She taught him that little things matter a great deal more than you think. (watch video below)

Through the vast sea of Internet social media information that we all are engulfed within our daily lives, we see a great many negative messages that seem to get a good deal of attention paid to, but there are a lot of people who realize and use the Internet to spread positive and good things that matter. We hear of movements such as 26actsofkindness, a page on Facebook that was started to suggest doing one kinds act, no matter how small and post it on the page in tribute to the 26 innocent souls who lost their lives in Newtown.

Little things DO indeed matter. We hear of things during the holidays where someone anonymously paid off families gift lay away items, or someone suddenly pays for the strangers coffee behind them. These acts of kindness and thoughtfulness are ripples in the pond that go on and on and pass on kindness far beyond the originators action.

All of us at David’s Music House are here for a much larger purpose than making a small business succeed, giving some lessons, recording sessions and seeing how much money we can make. I did not decide on the unique concept of David’s Music House merely to start a small business. If I wanted to do that, I would have most likely built a recording studio, which is what I love doing. No, David’s Music House has a much BIGGER purpose. C. J. Young,  our percussion, guitar and keyboard Music Mentor said it perfectly during our December student concert when he said the words, “changing children’s lives”! That is indeed why David’s Music House was created. Our prime directive that we repeat over and over at DMH is “the lesson room is only the first step”. No music teacher joins our DMH Special team of Music Mentors until they can prove that they have an open mind and can accept this principal that the entire space of David’s Music House is for teaching and mentoring. A teacher must be able to accept and passionately illustrate that they will do more than give a music lesson inside a lesson room.

I have said repeatedly to every teacher at DMH, I will not tell you how to teach, but I WILL tell you how to mentor and devote music development the DMH Way! As a parent or a student, when you join our DMH Family and pay your hard earned money for a service from anyone at David’s Music House, you can be assured that each of us will do EVERYTHING WE CAN to teach, develop, encourage creativity and exploration and inspire you to go as far as you can or want to in music! Often, our Music Mentors will collaborate with other teachers if they feel a student will benefit from mentoring of another teacher. If we notice a lack of practice or interest, we will FIND A WAY to motivate and reactivate that passion in a student.

We highly encourage students and parents to talk to your teacher or any of us if you see any lack or dwindling of interest of their learning or practicing. Please let me or any of us know if you have concerns or questions about anything. We would rather you talk to us and give us feedback so we can do something to help reignite the interest that a student started out with. We are here to insure that beginning interest and yearning for music doesn’t get lost. We love music passionately and realize the special gift music gives to every human.

As the creator of the idea and reason for David’s Music House, I firstly, encourage all of you to give us your feedback, talk to your teacher about any issue or question. I strongly encourage you to come to an occasional concert or Unplugged Night even if only to expose your student to others who play music but also to set an example to your child to appreciate and learn about music by listening to other LIVE performances.

I leave you with one extra plea for expressing your appreciation for the VALUE of David’s Music House of being THE ONLY place of music learning where you feel welcome, comfortable in our soft comfortable couches and chairs, where you can get to easily for its central location, ample plaza free parking, immaculately clean rest rooms, free WiFi, games to play and that is to make your visit more pleasant by purchasing a warm delicious cup of coffee, tea, capacinos, latte or other beverage and some snacks or pasties. I’m sure many of you enjoy going to a local Starbucks or Panera Bread for a great cup of coffee or tea. Help support what we are doing by celebrating February during our Love R Cafe Month!”

When I say “Little things Matter”if every parent of the many students who come to David’s Music House would purchase one item or spend $1 dollar at our wonderful cafe, it would make such a huge difference in helping us insure that David’s Music House survives these difficult economic times and continues our mission of “Changing Children’s Lives Through Music”. 

Thank each of you for your kind and helpful support of David’s Music House. You each give me the reason and strength to do all that I can to keep this dream alive!

Love to you all!



Kurt Scobie’s New Date at DMH

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We had to reschedule Kurt Scobie from a few months back due to unpredictable Western PA weather, but he’s back now to rock the House on March 23rd! Check him out in the video for his single, “Your Crash” right here.
Kurt Scobie -
Kurt Scobie – “Your Crash” [Official Music Video]
Kurt is coming all the way to us from Atlanta, Georgia and we want to make sure he has a warm PA welcome from DMH. Come on down Mach 23rd and support your favorite venue and a great rising star in the music world!