Rent an electric acoustic or electric solid body guitar – both comes with an amplifier, guitar cord and hard guitar case – all for ONLY $38/month! An acoustic guitar (not electric) rents for ONLY $19/month. Now that’s a GOOD DEAL!

Instrument Rental
We’re adding more options to our instrument rentals.

Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Bass Guitars, Amps, Keyboards, Woodwinds, Brass & Strings and more….

We have partnered with a Local area business, Music Hut, who has been renting and repairing instruments for many years in the Pittsburgh area.


We are often asked by parents if we rent guitars and other instruments as they do not wish to make a purchase of an instrument until they are more sure which instrument their child wants to learn.

We are doing whatever we can to provide your Total Music Experience at David’s Music House.

Fill out our on-line inquiry form for instrument rentals: BELOW

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We also Sell Clarinet & Sax Reeds!



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