“What Is Your 2020 VISION?”

So…what is your 2020 VISION? Just think about this phrase…”2020 VISION”. I heard it referred to as a time when amazing things will happen in our lives and in our world, but also referring to the phrase that means the measurement of PERFECT VISION of the human eye…2020 VISION! When I heard that, I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t SEEN the power of this phrase! Let me explain…

I have grown to believe in Purpose in our lives…in MY life. Over the last decade, since opening my first and only attempt at creating, owning and growing my own business, I have learned to pay close attention to “signs” that are really milestones in my life. I don’t mean signs, like in the Zodiac. I am talking here of things that have happened in my life that I can look back on and KNOW that they were not simply gusts of wind, or luck. I am not a believer in luck or chance. I do believe we have the ability to make our own choices, but they either keep us on the path of our plan or delay us. I have become a firm believer that my life has been countless steps following a plan created for me by GOD.

I have not been a church going, “religious” person throughout my life. I have always followed my heart and have simply tried to live a life of kindness, respect of people and of helping others see the amazing goodness and gifts in them. I can not do otherwise. It is just not in my DNA.

I did, however, always believe that some higher goodness was a part of humankind because I clearly saw the good and bad in people. I have also been a very logical person who believes in truth and science, so everything was a big question…except that I KNEW and believed in GOOD. My idea was frankly…”I think the removal of a couple letters is the key to everything of faith. That GOD was simply the word good, with one less “O” and evil was just the word Devil without the “D” and maybe that’s all there is…Good and Evil.”

I have learned quite a lot over that last decade of 2010 to 2020 and most significantly has been that I was tired of wondering what is right, who is right….religion, science, truth, and on and on…It suddenly seemed so incredibly simple, and far less stressful….One basic idea I could easily follow without endlessly looking for answers to all the questions of a lifetime….I WOULD JUST DECIDE TO BELIVE IN GOD AND HIS PLAN FOR MY LIFE”, but with one basic philosophy…GOD = LOVE. There’s a lot that led to this decision but I am a believer that GOD only gives Love…period….no guilt, no fear, no depression, no words we can use that do not mean what we know as LOVE. None of us can explain the word LOVE anymore than the word GOD. We know what Love is, we don’t question what it is or what it means to us..but for some reason, it is so hard for so many of us to believe and know what GOD means. I have simply decided that NOW I KNOW. For me, there is no need to be more complex.

This all being said, I go back to “signs”. Looking back over my life, I now see all these milestone signs and events that changed and moved me to better Blessings in my life. I could write a book about all of these and maybe I will someday, but for now, here’s just the following example:

I lived during the time when the military draft was changed to be based on a lotto drawing and not a lotto of winning… but of losing. I was of age when the Vietnam War was at it’s height of increasing boots on the ground, to the point of selecting the date of one’s birth, in a lotto drawing forced you to go to the military. If you had a low number drawn, you had to go, which probably led to going to the war and dying. ! I was even terrified of having to go to military training! My choices of not going were breaking the law and going to prison or fleeing to Canada to live the rest of my life! I was someone who was afraid to go beyond Pittsburgh!!! As far as I am concerned…GOD, knowing who I was…made my selected number very high and thus I did not have to go. This was the first GIANT “sign” or blessing of my life! It put me on a path, which I know is a path GOD has guided me for nearly 7 decades.

I have many signs like this…all of which give me the “knowing” that GOD has a specific purpose for me…and I am doing that more than ever before…in David’s Music House. This is why DMH is not just a business to me, but a high point of my GOD given mission to do what I can to help young children be guided to follow a life of kindness, helpfulness, thankfulness and humility….through MUSIC, because music connects to the heart of us humans like no other means of communication.

So, now about my “2020 VISION”. I have written many times about my mission of David’s Music House. I have also written about my “Vision for the Future” and DMH 2.0. I strongly feel my “still small voice” telling me that the year 2020 is going to be very significant in my life. I have had a “VISION” of what DMH will eventually become since 2010, and with the “sign” that 2020 VISION, as the eye’s perfect vision… my issues with Glaucoma that have greatly blurred my vision over that last couple of years…

.. I think perhaps some of you may SEE where I’m going here…

Let me put it this way………During this year of 2020… I “SEE” my “VISION healing”, my “VISION” of DMH 2.0 beginning and my belief in GOD’s plan for my life becoming very clear.

Keep connected to David’s Music House for all the updates and wait and “SEE”…

Peace & Love,


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