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Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Yes, it was 13 years ago today, October 10, 2010, that was one of the most incredible days of my life! It was also one of the most difficult days too. I really have no idea who that was 13 years ago, who made my first attempt at creating a business ever! There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that GOD put all the perfect pieces togetehr to make it happen. There were so many people who came to help me open DMH on that day.

It was actually only a couple months before 10.10.10 that the work began and it was all coming down to the day before the planned Grand Opening that everything was set to go. If I had time to stop and think too much, I probably would have sat down in a panic and not been able to do it! I didn't have all the remodeling done until the Friday before..2 days to go, when we had the township inspection to grant occupancy permit so I would be allowed to open. I did so many things in the background to prepare that I still can't believe it all came together in perfect timeing! Yep...GOD for sure made it all happen!

Construction was done 3 days before. Painting, phones, sound equipment, cafe equipment, internet, computers, pastries delivered, volunteers to help, prizes for raffles, entertainers to perform both inside and out in the parking lot, electric for the outside events, huge tent and chairs and stage for the parking lot, permist for performances...on and on. I know I am leaving out a lot more. I had a lot of stress leading up to the event and depended on a lot of friends and family to show up and help and they ALL came!

The weather was perfect, it was the ONLY Sunday that the Steelers didn't play so more people whould actually come to the opening. So many performers and bands came and performed, volunteering to play!!! We had a tremendous turnout of people to launch DMH and the incredible sign that it was meant to be successful was 10.10.10, October 10, 2010.

There were so many miracles to make this happen and topping it all off..the very next day, I woek up and half my left eye was blackened out! My retina was tearing away. The miracle was that I went immediately to the most wonderful Retina Eye Doctor around and he repaired my retina! I did, however, have to stay home and lay down on my side for 7 days to allow it to heal properly, so I relied on family and friends to keep the first week of the business to go on and survive! WHAT A WEEK FULL OF MIRACLES!

It was a hard and rewarding first 3 years before things turned around to begin seeing some breakeven in finances in these 13 years but we started from a historic national financial Depression and have been through a global Pandemic and still are going strong because this was never just a business. It is a life purpose to bring young people to find confidence, kindness, humility, service and thankful ness to our world. DMH will remain fulfilling this purpose as long as I have breath to breathe!...GOD WILLING!

Thank you to ALL those who helped, supported and loved DMH and what it stands for for the last 13 years and trust me when I say...there are so many more blessings and miracles yet to come as this GOD gifted musical journey continues.

GOD bless, Peace and Love,


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