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Building A Kinder World...Through Music!

When I sat in my office cubical in the years preceeding 2008 and for the next two years, I knew I had to do something for a career that meant something to my heart and would help people but I had no clue what to do, other than it should probably involve my love of music. You see, I spent my youngest school years basically hiding and withdrawn from others. I just did not fit into how my peers behaved or acted. I had no skills in sports, at least not to the degree that I would join anything offered at school. Everyone seemed to be just terribly aggressive and intimidating, especially if you needed encouragement or help to fit in. I just found that staying home was the only way I could avoid being bullied or made fun of. To be completely honest, most of my life followed this pattern of not fitting in.

There was something that gave me value and happiness…MUSIC! Specifically, playing organ or piano and singing. I began taking organ music lessons at the age of 12. At that time, other than my Dad, my music teacher was the only person who saw something special in my passion for playing music with great expression. Music has played a major part of my entire life and brought me the most enjoyment, success and the respect of others.

In 2008, my corporate job was outsourced and I took a severance package and began thinking about what I could do with the rest of my life. I knew just about nothing about running a business. I had never done anything like this but something was driving me to keep going toward this goal.

What I discovered was a KEY reason to start and create a new business. I had to be so passionate about it’s purpose, that I could endure any trials I would go through. This KEY was my true passion of wanting to help young people have the abilities to face life’s challenges better than I did in my youth. My confidence came when I played music and sang. This is when people saw me and treated me with respect that I never felt at any other time. So I knew that this business would not be about making some venture financially successful, but that my core passion of wanting to help others be happy was the only thing I wanted to do!

David’s Music House exists for the purpose of giving young people a self worth and values that makes them feel confident in all they do in their lives. At the core of DMH is providing the atmosphere of kindness, confidence building, thankfulness and humility that makes a child, or really people of any age, feel special in their creative talents. This is why MUSIC is such a powerful thing. In my life of feeling lonely or rejected, it was Music that opened doors and respect and understanding of others to not only accept me but be friendly to me. Music connects to the emotions of others and provides a common ground for people. Many time, people who would never connect, will do so in Music! I have been accepted into circles of people who would have never given me a minute of their time otherwise. It truly is magical!

If you have a child who feels rejected or like they don’t fit in with others, Music can open those doors like nothing else can. I have lived a life that proves it!

So, one of the very best things you can do for a child is to introduce them to music. At David’s Music House, we incorporate vales such as helpfulness, performing to others, talking to an audience, and very importantly, something I strongly stress to our teachers is GRATITUDE! Our teachers encourage students to learn how to perform on our cafe stage and to remember to be THANKFUL at the end of performing.

All of these CORE human values are THE reason why I created David’s Music House and why it has been successful and why it is so important to exist in the community.’ Our slogan is “The Lesson Room Is Only The FIRST Step”…meaning we do everything we can to build these CORE human Values in people.

All of these reasons are why I believe David's Music House needs to continue growing in the community, to insure families will have all that is offered at DMH. I am overwhelmed whenever I think about all the children and families who have passed through DMH over the last 12 years and gained the CORE values that help build a kinder human and community. This is why I was created and will continue as long as I can.

Peace and Love,


(Below is a video that may give some insight to our Mission)

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