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Updated: Sep 2, 2022


hu·mil·i·ty| hyo͞oˈmilədē | noun a modest or low view of one's own importance; humbleness: he needs the humility to accept that their way may be better. ORIGIN Middle English: from Old French humilite, from Latin humilitas, from humilis (see humble).

I often state that David’s Music House’s Mission is to provide an atmosphere of Love, Confidence building, kindness toward others, Listening, and Humility. We do this through the powerfully emotional connection tool of MUSIC! It is my personal mission to do as much as I can to provide the values of being confident is one’s gifts or talents and to be humble in their lives. This became my purpose through my life’s journey of learning to deal with our world. I want young ones to have these values in them from an early age in order that they have a joyful, happy life, while helping others around them discover these values as well.

So, if humility is so important to me…why did I name my business David’s Music House…as if it was all about me? I inherited these values from my Dad and Grandfather, who both were named David. My Grampa, David Oscar Lindberg loved music and was quite a self taught piano player, as was told to me. I never got to hear him play, but my memory of him was his whistling happy tunes or singing to me, “David, play on your harp.” meaning David of the Bible. My Dad also loved music and played some guitar, self taught, when he was young. He showed me a bit of his playing with an old guitar he bought, which I still have in my possession today. He never played to any great extent, but he lived his love of music through me. He bought an organ for me, took me to lessons every week and when I joined my first band, he did everything to help me and the band to play as much as we could. He was always with me when I played in the beginning and supported and loved my playing and singing music the rest of his life! He passed away 20 years before I started the music house. My Grandfather and my Dad are within every part and moment of the music house. This is why it is named David’s Music House.

I must honestly state that of course, I am also a part of why David’s Music House exists, through my life experiences and of my love of music, but I only stand on all the love and efforts of those before me, who instilled this love of music, but also, a purpose of instilling this same love into others, along with the core values of honesty, kindness, confidence and love to others in our students.

For all of us at David’s Music house, and my Grampa an my Dad…I thank all of you who come into our family of teaching music and giving love to each other.

with Peace and Love,


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