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Is This Spring or Summer or Fall?

Maybe Spring is usually this way but it sure seems like mother nature is confused this time. We go from a week of rain to a week of very chilly nights to warm, almost not days. My furnace/AC unit is all over the place. Well, it’s supposed to be Spring until June 21…that’s like a few more days as of when I am writing this post. So, let’s stick with that Spring theme for now…just don’t tell my thermostat.

Our DMH Cafe is OPEN FOR BUSINESS and we are trying to keep it healthy with good snacks and cold beverages. The java is and tea is always FREE to our student families. Ya don’t need cash either. If you don’t have a credit card, we’ll put it on a tab for ya. We know you’ll be back! :-) You can pay you tab off when you bring in a credit card next time.

We are also now selling some of the sheet music and music books that our teachers use to save you the trip of going somewhere or ordering and waiting for it in the mail. We are adding more merchandise all the time. Be sure to check out the merch wall or ask your teacher or our receptionist what’s available. Lots of good stuff!

We have started up our ”Anytime Student Open Stage” performances this month. Our teachers will gear the students up if they want to get up on the DMH Coffee House Stage. It’s cool! We believe in performing often and small instead of occasional formal recitals which do little but make students nervous as they just don’t offer enough experience on the stage in front of people. I did those once upon a time and they taught me literally nothing. Most of all, our open stages teach you to talk to people and most importantly…THANK the audience for listening. Being Thankful is a lost communication skill that we believe needs emphasized and learned. Most of all…it’s FUN to perform. What’s the use of spending all the time and money on learning to play an instrument or sing if you never get up and perform to an audience!

We also keep adding new teachers to keep up with the demand of student growth and to better meet the needs of scheduling on the best day and time for more students. You can check out all the teachers and their BIO's on the site on our Music Lessons page. (click)

We’re so excited to get things going again after the long pandemic so let’s get it going.

As always, we have to thank all our student families and the community for supporting DMH through the pandemic and for the last 11 years. We are here for you and we believe in our mission to make the world better, by mentoring students by example in Kindness, Confidence, Humility and Thankfulness>

Peace and Love,


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