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The Beatles changed everything! It was because of many factors, such as timing, world events, cultures and GOD'S Gift of Music.

Most songwriters will say "I don't know where the melody and lyrics came from..they just came. Many will just say the creative parts of the brain gave up the ideas of melody, chords and lyrics. It's bigger than that, as with ALL things in the Universe...GOD IS THE SOURCE OF ALL THINGS!

I was 12 years old when The Beatles became known in the U.S. I remember them as they played on the Ed Sulllivan TV Show, which was our country's go-to program on Sunday nights. There was an excitement and media blitz happening that our country, and the world, had never seen like this before. It was about this time that I had started taking organ music lessons and the beginning of my journey of music. Of course our parents generation didn't like what they saw at the time. It was just much too different and fearful to them but it was a train coming that would not be denied. Just about anyone who became a musician after this event was influenced in some way by The Beatles. The major change was that they started writing and playing their own music! Most singers and bands or vocal groups of the time sang songs written by someone other than themselves. Actually, everyone in music, including The Beatles were really influenced by Black Blues or Gosple songwriters who existed before all of this!

The Beatles had the ability to go in many directions in the types of songs they wrote as time went on, because of their popularity and power to decide their own directions of their music and they chose an overall theme of LOVE. This is why a major song of theirs was "ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE" - written by Lennon - McCartney.

The Beatles set my path to becoming a lifelong musician and to the creation of David's Music House, which at it's CORE...EXISTS TO PROMOTE AND ADD MORE LOVE IN OUR WORLD, through the Power of Music taught and learned by new students of our future generrations. I always told my first business advisors that this is not a's a LIFE LONG PURPOSE.

This month of October, we celebrate 13 years of this PURPOSE. David's Music House opened at our current location in Waterdam Plaza, McMurray, PA on October 10, 2010. It's a date I will never forget... 10/10/10, and was one of the hardest things I have ever done but one of the most rewarding experiences of my life for 13 years. I have always said, from the very beginning, that this will not only succeed, because of it's PURPOSE, but will eventually become something much BIGGER. This is still my story and I'm sticking to it! I have often been asked are you going to retire? My answer has alwayys been, "you retire from a business, but you never retire from a LIFE PURPOSE!"

There has been literally countless people and sources of help all throughout these 13 years for whom and which I am forever grateful and I am well aware that NONE OF THIS WOULD BE POSSIBLE IF NOT FOR GOD, the leading Source of everything and every moment of my life! I am overwelmed by GOD's LOVE for me and I wake each day giving thanks to GOD, JESUS AND THE HOLY SPIRIT.



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