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  • David Lindberg


Updated: Jan 5, 2022

It’s a new year and it’s time to begin re-building the core services that DMH is known for over the last decade. We hope you check out and enjoy our New website

We’ve also started a new Café counter register, offering credit card services again for our Café snacks and beverages. Our coffee and tea will continue to be available to our DMH customers, free of charge. We will be adding other items to purchase such as instrument strings, etc. and other merchandise.While the Pandemic is clearly not over yet, we have all learned a great deal of now to deal with it, taking all the proven preventative measures, while we will be utilizing our Café Stage as a great experience and learning tool for students.

I have a lot of new ideas to offer which will be introduced in 2022.

It’s an exciting New Year and we have all been through what has been likely the most difficult times of our lives. I am excited about 2022 and what possibilities there are out there. The KEY is to focus our minds on the GOOD aspects of life. Most events of our lives are beyond our control and joining in the fear and negativity about them serves absolutely no good purpose for our lives. The battle starts within our own minds. If we focus on negativity…that is how we will live. If we stand firm and keep our focus trained on the GOOD and Positive things of life…that is how we will live, in spite of what comes at us to endure.

All of ur at DMH continue to thank you all for your continued support of what we do, for over a decade. We are extremely grateful for you all and all the Blessings of life!

GOD Bless and Peace and Love,


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