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Thanksgiving - 10.10.10 - 10.10.22

Whoa...wait a, I'm not jumping the gun and going straight to our natiional holiay of Thanksgiving. I'm talking about the Thanks we need to give to GOD for our every breath, every moment, every hour and every day that we are given. We all know that life is not always perfect as we each endure many hardships, but how we choose to focus on things that are either good or bad in our lives will be the way we live our lives. I'm not saying that when terrible things happen, that we have to be happy. We have human reactions to circumstances, that are normal and well...human! We have to grieve when we lose a loved one and we have to deal with storms of life that knock us down, but we always have to get back up again and move forward in order to continue living. This is where Faith in something more than ourselves helps us deal with hardships or fully enjoy the wonderful moments. This is a choice. Logically thinking, if we choose to keep our minds focussed on bad things, we will look at life as something to endure, but if we make the choice to keep our minds focused on all the blessings of our lives, that we can easily overlook, we will find Joy and Peace in our lives.

I have to especially give Thanks for our 12th year of David's Music House. We opened on October 10, 2010...yep...10.10.10 and I KNEW that was one of many signs of success. I could talk for hours about everything that led up to that Grand Opening Day. So much planning, scheduling, construction issues, timing...but GOD made it all come together exactly as planned. What a beautiful weather day it was and on a Sunday in Steeler was one of the Sundays the Steelers did not play, which meant more people were out and about on a beautiful sunny Fall Sunday afternoon. We had bands and entertainers performing for 6 hours, both inside and in the Waterdam Plaza parking lot under a huge tent. To this day...I don't know how it all worked out so good, except to say that GOD made it all possible!

We celebrate this month of October not only surviving, but thriving in the begging, during one of our country's greatest economic depressions, tthrough a global historic Pandemic. Through it all, GOD continued to bless what we are all doing at DMH, which is much more than providing music lessons. We teach values of kindness, helpfulness, listening, confidence and humility...we just do it through the wonderful power of Music...that touches and affects our human emotions. We do this by being Music Mentors and examples of not only learning music, but inspiring students of the core values of kindness with humility.

Importantly, we are truly blessed by all of the families who support David's Music House over these last 12 years. As I have said often, since the beginning...I know that by doing something that was driven by the heart, the business would succeed and I fully expect that GOD will continue to bless what we are all doing and take us to higher levels in the future, so more people can experience all that GOD and Music can do for the human spirit. It is our hope that we can do all we can to make this world a bit student at a time.

Thank you all for your loyalty, support and Love!

Peace and Love,

David and Anita

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